Mozart's Sinfonia Concertante K.364: A Recommended Recording?

Hopefully doper K.364 might log on to catch this thread…

It’s looking likely that I may be conscripted to play the viola solo next spring. Anybody have any recommended recordings of this piece? It’s a rather important piece of viola literature and I don’t have a copy yet.

If this goes down it’s not only going to be my first foray into alternative tunings (the entire viola is traditionally tuned up a half step), but also would be my first solo performance period. :eek:

I’m wondering what I got myself into here. :smiley:

Come on, I know we’ve got some classical music fans around here.

Sorry, I’ve no particular suggestions…

Well, here are four recommendations for you. I haven’t heard any of them, I’m just going on my own stubborn opinion. I would prefer the Oistrakh/Menuhin recording, but any one of the others would be quite acceptable. The Isaac Stern seems to only be available as a complete set. I’ve quite enjoyed the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra in Mozart and Haydn, and I find it interesting that the soloists appear to be regular members of the Chamber Orchestra rather than ‘stars’. Neville Marriner has always appealed to me in Mozart. I’m sorry I can’t narrow it any further than that, but see what those get you…

Anne Sophie Mutter, Bruno Giuranna with Neville Marriner conducting
David and Igor Oistrakh, Yehudi Menuhin conducting
Isaac Stern, Pinchas Zuckerman, Daniel Barenboim conducting
Todd Phillips, Maureen Gallagher Orpheus

Well… the Perlman, Zukerman recording is highly regarded although I think Perlman is a bit over the top sometimes (wrings out every drop of emotion from every note). Though some people like that I guess.

I prefer this old DG recording with Karl Bohm and Thomas Brandis violin, Giusto Cappone viola.

Even though it’s only the first movement, the K. 364 that was featured on the Amadeus soundtrack is possibly my favorite version.

I’ve got the Christopher Warren-Green/Roger Chase recording, with the London Chamber Orchestra. I don’t know how it compares with other recordings.

And I didn’t know about the alternate tuning. I played viola in high school, and that would’ve made my head hurt.