MP Trivia IMS

I’ve always enjoyed finding out obscure bits of trivia, mainly about people who were on the periphery of things, or obscure names of people, real and fictional. Therefore, hopefully without cheating and using google…

Who was (or is):

Chris Chubbock? (Hint: No more talk) (Bonus: Quote her last words)

Marilyn Sitzman (Hint: steady film)

Evelyn Lincoln (Hint: Her advice should have been heeded)

Issur Danielovitch Demsky (sp?) (No hint.)

And an easy one, that I’ve asked in another thread:

Max Rockatansky?

If anybody want to play, maybe we could limit it to five a piece and keep to the general theme of obscure people.

Sir Rhosis

Chris Chubbock was a US TV news presenter who killed herself on-air some time in the 60s or 70s. Her last words were some disparaging reference to the channel’s policy of showing blood and gore.

Marilyn Sitzman was a friend of Zapruder’s, who he was filming immediately before he filmed the assassination.

I’ll take a guess that Evelyn was Abraham’s wife, and the advice was not to go to the theatre.

Issur Danielovitch = Kirk Douglas. I don’t recall the “Dempsky” part: is this actually Michael Douglas’s real name?

Max Rockatansky is the eponymous hero of the Mad Max films.

Give me a few minutes and I’ll try to come up with a five more.

I thought Evelyn Lincoln was President Kennedy’s secretary, and advised him not to go to Dallas? (and didn’t Mr. Lincoln have a secretary/aide named Kennedy who advised him not to go to the Theatre?)

jti, Now you mention it, I think you’re right. There was a debate here about Kennedy/Lincoln assassination coincidences which was settled by an appeal to the Snopes page on the subject.

Following on the theme of obscure people involved in major events, who are or were:

  1. Frank Wild

  2. Jennie Lee

  3. Alfred M. Worden

  4. Anthony Meyer (bonus for the equine term which was usually used to describe him)

  5. Sonia Greene

Three of them are British, two American. One of the women is well-known in her own right, but has a more famous husband. The other woman is really only well-known by virtue of her husband but (to compensate) one of the men is only famous because of something he did to a woman.

I hope the British ones aren’t too obscure for Americans: let me know if they are and I’ll offer some more hints.

Well, Anthony Meyer was the “Stalking Horse”, wasn’t he? The Tory MP that stood as a sacrificial candidate against Margaret Thatcher to judge the depth of the party’s feelings against her?

Jennie Lee was a radical Scottish MP. Not sure what major event she was involved with.

Alfred Worden was an astronaut, I’m thinking he was linked to the first spacewalk.

Dunno about the others.

TomH, yes, that’s what I was thinking of - but very hazily, hence the question marks.

Mr. Lincoln’s wife was Mary Todd Lincoln.

Here’s one with a Canadian twist:

Thomas D’Arcy McGee - what are the two notable things about him?

Jenny Lee (Later Baroness Lee) was a Labour politician. She happened to be married to Aneurin Bevan, but was hardly famous for this as she was a political force in her own right.

Alfred M Worden biography:

Frank Wild was second in command to Scott of the Antarctic.

Sonia Greene was the wife of HP Lovecraft

Thomas D’Arcy McGee:
Irish rebel sentenced to death:
Later a Canadian Statesman and loyal British subject in Quebec; was assassinated for his pro-loyalist fanaticism:

mattk: right.

ruadh: right on both counts. The major event I was thinking of in connection with Jennie Lee was the establishment of the welfare state.

Worden was one of the 6 Apollo astronauts who went all the way to the Moon but didn’t land on it. The first spacewalks were during the Gemini programme, IIRC, but now that you mention it, I think he might have done the first spacewalk of the Apollo programme.

Pjen: You’re right about Sonia Greene and on the right lines about Wild, but not quite there. I can’t say for sure that there is no connection with Scott (in fact there probably is), but he certainly wasn’t on the race to the South Pole.

You’re probably right, but I don’t think she became a significant political force in her own right until the Wilson Government, when she was largely responsible for setting up the OU.

Google makes things too easy, so there is an element of disguise and a requirement of some knowledge in the following personages:

W A Windsor (famously)

Mildred Warner of Whitehaven England (grandmotherly)

Nigel Davies and girlfriend Leslie (sounding sticky)

LW Hastings (Bearly Flagging)

H Gilbert (Patently in the sixtenth century)

TomH: A brief biography of Jenny Lee- quite a political force in her own right I think:

Frank Wild:
Second in command on dDiscovery

Damn, you guys are better at this than I am. A couple notes about my entries. Marilyn Sitzman and my hint “steady film.” I was thinking of the fact that Zapruder climbed onto a wall or abutment or something like that to film President Kennedy. Because Zapruder suffered from vertigo, Ms. Sitzman climbed up beside him and either held onto his belt or jacket or somesuch to steady him.

Chris Chubbock: Correct, here is Daniel Schorr from “Rolling Stone”:

“At 9:38 A. M. on July 15th, 1974, about eight minutes into ‘Suncoast Digest,’ a variety show on WXLT-TV in Sarasota, Florida, anchorwoman Chris Chubbock, 30, looked straight into the camera and said, ‘In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts in living color, you’re going to see another first–an attempt at suicide.’”

She then pulled a gun from a shopping bag and blew her brains out on camera. My hint “no more talk” was because I thought it was a morning talk show, not a “variety” show, but it may have been basically the same thing.

Kirk Douglas’ given name: I recall seeing the “Demsky” in print, but it may have been incorrect.

As I said, you guys are good. Without resorting to google, I haven’t been able to answer a single one.




The Wild link you provide is from a site on Shackleton’s Endurance expedition, and the heading “Second-in-Command” relates to that, which is what I was thinking of: go up one level and all will be revealed:

Wild was on the Discovery (as were several of Shackleton’s crew, including Shackleton himself) but he wasn’t second in command.

As for Jennie (sic) Lee, see my comments above.

“Mildred Warner of Whitehaven England (grandmotherly)”: I think I know who you’re thinking of, but I don’t think this is her correct name.


You are right- I though Scott, and when I checked, did not see that it was Shackleton- should know the difference.

Also on Mildred:

It should read Mildred Warner, (Grandmotherly), mother from Whithaven
Mildred Read (Great Grandmotherly)

Got my generations mixed!