This is not exactly “pointless”, so I dunno if it belongs here…but oh well.

I am frustrated that one method for getting online MP3s has never been addressed. Before I discoverd Napster, I was getting MP3s through FTP sites. Doing it this way provides almost the same range of songs as Napster…the only drawback is that it is a little more involved, and takes a little longer.

All one needs is an FTP program (I use Cute FTP), then go to and put in a song search. This brings up a list of personal FTP sites containing the song…then you go to your FTP program, type in an FTP address you found on AudioGalaxy, and you are connected to that individual FTP site and have access to its MP3s.
The only drawback is that most of these FTP MP3 sites are done by trade or ratio. Meaning you have to upload a certain amount of your MP3s in order to be able to download their MP3s. Sometimes (rarely) the owner of the FTP site requires no uploading on your part. But often, the ratios are 1:3 or better…meaning if you give (upload) 4 megabytes of MP3, you are allowed to download 12 megabytes in return. Like 3 for the price of one.
This method can be tedious, especially with a 56 or slower modem…but if one has a high-speed connection, I think it would be a breeze.

Correct me if Im wrong, but one big benefit I see is that there is no central third-party server like Napster is. The user connects directly to people’s personal FTP sites, of which there are gazillions. It is not possible to shut down all these personal FTP sites, so MP3 downloading thru FTP sites is virtually un-touchable. Right? This is one big reason why this whole Napster thing is ridiculous…billions of MP3s are available online by way of un-touchable methods WITHOUT Napster ever being in the picture. So there is really no point in getting rid of Napster, because the same amount of MP3s are available in other ways.

I would love anyone’s thoughts on this. To me, this seems like the perfect way to do what was done with Napster. And I kinda wish more people knew about this method, because I think it might change the public’s and the record companies’ views on online MP3 sharing. Feel free to tell me Im full of shit, but if all you have to say is how getting music for free is wrong…please dont bother.

Try a Gnutella client. Basically what you are talking about without the hassle of FTP and it includes search capabilities. Also, it is not limited to audio files (basically any file can be shared on a peer-to-peer network). Best thing of all is that it is non-centralized (unlike Napster).

You’re right Deacon. There are lots and lots of ways to trade files besides napster. But what has the RIAA spooked is trading for the masses. Napster made it easy enough to share mp3s that the average aol’er could do it.
There’s no doubt that there are other (and probably better) methods out there, but will they become as popular? I hope so.

BTW, with audiogalaxy, there is a centralised list (just like napster), so it shares the same kind of vulnerability. I imaging that at least whoever has the domain name could be sued.

Gutella is really the best idea to come along yet. The good thing about it is that when Napster is shut down(or loses lots of people by becoming a pay service) the amount of stuff readily available on Gnutella servers will rise. Frankly, I wish Napster would just go away now so we can get the move on over to a more fixed Gnutella trading service.

By the way, I suggest LimeWire.

It’s not wrong as long as the exchanged MP3’s are legal. So I’m assuming you are not referring to breaking any copyright laws here, right?

It’s a tricky subject, what can I say. Discussing it is fine, but there are limits in what we can allow. No blatant requests for MP3 exchanges, please. Disussing FTP processes in general terms is, of course, fine.

I agree, I used FTP servers to download MP3 files before I discovered Napter. I think you have answered your own question here… Napster is idiot proof. It is simply to easy to use. The masses have been able to get MP3s, and the record companies dont want that.

If you want MP3s you can get them. It’s as easy as that. Look at Napigator, it’s an add on to Napster that uses the same software and script coding, yet connects users to private servers. So, even if they unplug Napster, you can still download MP3 files with little change in your procedure.

BTW, a friend of mine set up his computer as an FPT server. He listed it on audiogalaxy and set it up for a 1:10 download ratio and a 10 user max. His 20 gig drive would fill in 36 hours. I do believe FTP users are still hitting it pretty hard! :smiley:

So does anyone know of a way to DL MP3’s if someone is behind a firewall, and can’t connect to servers? That’s why I can’t run Napster, ICQ or IRC from work, much to my annoyance.

Not, mind you, that I am hoping to get copyrighted material for free…

Beguile? I’m behind a firewall and download just fine (and nice and fast, too :D) I only have problems with Napster if both I AND the other person are behind firewalls.
I have the latest version of Napster, and it asks in the beginning if I am behind a firewall, and so it does some cool thing to adjust for that, or something. I really don’t know a lot about this sort of stuff, but I do know Napster works fine for me.

There is a service similar to Napster called KazaA Media Desktop. Im sure it won’t last long though. You can trade anything so movie studios, record companies, and software compaines will probably sue them. You can find perfectly legal stuff on there too, and its much faster than LimeWire (usually).