i hate buying CDs, too darn expensive. i have a cd burner and i need some good MP3 sites. i already know and i mean sites that have good, known artists. i’ve been trying to find Another Brick in the Wall (prt 2) but audiofind doesn’t have it. help!!

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Yeah, I won’t be really impressed with MP3’s until I can actually find something I’ve heard of. Am I just not looking in the right places?

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Did you guys ask on the MP3 bulletin board?

Audiogalaxy is really good. I found a whole bunch of ftp sites with “Another Brick…” MP3s.

Hope this link works:

Audiofind, is, in all my travels, the best. They get everything eventually, be patient and they’ll post it.

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Try these: (check the links section- plenty of FTP stuff)
I personally hit up the newsgroups for MP3s- there’s tons of live stuff for most any tastes.

Let me second the newsgroup suggestion. I was looking for three songs, “One Man Army” by Our Lady Peace, “All About the Pentiums” by Weird Al and “Jennifer Juniper” by Donovan and I found all three in a matter of a few minutes. Plus, if the song you’re looking for isn’t around, you can always request it and hope some kind soul will put it up for you.

It’s people like you that are making the music industry try and legislate these things.

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The music industry’s efforts to legislate or control mp3’s are futile. The scene is much too vast with too many users and there is simply no way to police or regulate every server in the world that could potentially be carrying mp3’s.

More power to the garage bands and the few renegades that make their tracks available via MP3, but…

don’t count on the labels or the artist who is presently thrilled to get paid to go down quietly. They will be covering their collective asses with watermarking technology and new industry agreements and standards.

MP3 won’t go away, but it may get left behind.

It’s not exactly what you were asking for but this link has Pink Floyd live MP3s. The current concert is from 1980. Click on the ROIO link on the left to access.

I Found a really cool MP3 site a while back.

Here is the link. Hope this works.

MP3 Direct Download Archive


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