MP3 player owners, check in here

Well I finally got an MP3 player. I’d gotten tired of either lugging around my self-made CDs or, worse, never getting around to changing the one in the car’s CD player.

If you have an MP3 (or whatever format) player tell me:

  1. Brand & model
  2. capacity
  3. formats it supports
  4. formats you actually use
  5. number of songs you currently have loaded

Here’s mine:

  1. Creative Labs Zen Nomad
  2. 30Gb
  3. .wma, .mp3, & .wav
  4. .wma
  5. 2102
  1. iPod, 3rd generation.
  2. 20 GB
  3. MP3, AAC (unprotected & protected), WAV, WMA (unprotected), Audible (audio books), Apple Lossless, AIFF,
  4. Mostly just MP3 and AAC.
  5. 4,007 (A few of those are audiobooks or stand-up comedy routines though).
  1. iRiver H320
  2. 20 GB
  3. MP3, WMA, ASF, OGG, JPG
  4. OGG (one of the main reasons I chose the iRiver. Had to have .ogg support)
  5. 245 for now. Have more cds to rip.

I’ve got the same model as the OP. Only have 910 songs loaded though. I really have to get on that.

  1. Brand & model: iRivier iHP-120
  2. Capacity - 20 gig
  3. Supported Formats - MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WMA, ASF and WAV
  4. Formats I actually use - MP3
  5. Number of songs currently loaded - 2500

I spent almost as much time ripping songs off vinyl as I did ripping my CDs!

  1. Rio Forge
  2. 256MB (expandable to 1 Gig)
  3. ?
  4. mp3
  5. none. I only use it for books.
  1. iPod, 4th generation.
  2. 40 GB
  3. Whatever RumMunkey said.
  4. MP3
  5. 6193

I should clarify:

I ripped about 150 songs off LPs and 45s versus 1800 from CDs and about 150 from DVDs.

Same here, except I “only” have about 4800 songs loaded.

[sub]Damn, Kid_A! My friends and relatives think I’m nuts because of the number of songs I have![/sub]

Heh…and a friend of mine has 40000 songs. He actually got a visit from the police since not all of those songs were legally obtained.

What about if I get one in the near future?

If so,

  1. My own brand (I’ll probably make my own here shortly)
  2. Eh, I don’t know yet. More than likely a gig.
  3. Whatever I feel like, but probably just MP3 for now.
  4. MP3
  5. 150 or so, probably.

You’ll provide pics, of course?

  1. Rio Carbon
  2. 5 gig
  3. wma and mp3
  4. wma
    1. I’m lazy. I only have a 1/4 of my albums ripped.
  1. iRiver IFP-795
  2. 512 MB (only)
  3. WMA, MP3, OGG, probably some other useless formats
  4. MP3 & WMA
  5. Dunno… 40-50?

I had a variety of MP3 players and was never really satisfied with any of them. This particular player has the world’s most confusing interface, but at least the battery lasts forever.

  1. iPod, 3rd generation.
  2. 20 GB
  3. MP3, AAC (unprotected & protected), WAV, WMA (unprotected), Audible (audio books), Apple Lossless, AIFF,
  4. MP3
  5. 1200
  1. Palm Tungsten w/ …
    2)512mb card
  2. mp3
  3. 5-6 comedy albums, about 30 tunes, have about 100mb to spare.

It’s my bus commute entertainment unit-play some tunes, read my Avantgo news, play some Monopoly. It’s enough.

  1. Creative Labs Zen Nomad Xtra
  2. 30Gb
  3. .wma, .mp3, & .wav
  4. .mp3
  5. 271


Unless it is super cool or I am super proud, probably not. I’m not doing anything special - it’s a pretty standard thing now, building them from the ground up - but I’m going to try to do it without any sources. As a senior at my HS you are required to “make something,” so that is my choice.

If you want to see an awesome one, though, go here. Pretend mine will be something half as nifty.

Again, sorry for the hijak.


I’ve got a 20 gig Archos Multimedia Jukebox. Dunno what all formats it supports, but it does both video and mp3 audio (there’s a small screen on the front). I’ve got 3,000 or so songs on it, plus about 10 hours of TV and movies.