MP3 to CDR Question

I’d like to apologise in advance if this sort of question (essentially a request for tech support) is inappropriate.

I have lots of MP3 files on my PC (legitimately obtained I might add) and I’d like to put them onto CDR (as MP3 not WAV) and play them using my DVD player.

Is this as simple as just making a data CDR and copying the MP3 files across?

Do the files have to go in the root directory of the CDR? I ask this because I have a (commercial) CD that contains MP3 files in a subdirectory. My DVD player will not play them.

Finally, what determines the order the tracks will play in?

I would appreciate any advice that will save me wasting time and CDRs with botched attempts.

In before the lock!


All I had to do was set it up to create data files, and then cklick and drag the MP3`s into the “to burn” window. You can change the playing order in that window also just by dragging the files into the correct order.

So, Yes to this quote from your post; “Is this as simple as just making a data CDR and copying the MP3 files across?”

I`m not sure what “in before the lock”, means though.

I means that I didn’t see where he said “legitimately”.

Even so, since this information would be used by people who are burning illeaglly pirated material, I imagined the thread would be locked very soon.

Hence, “In before the lock”.

Yeah. cart, sadly the vast, vast majority of mp3s on computers are stolen property. And we don’t help people transfer stolen property.

So questions such as these are verboten on these boards.