MPAA numbers on movies

At the end of a movie, after ALL the credits have run, you’ll see a stylized Mercator globe with a film reel in the middle. Above it is a number and below is the name, “Motion Picture Association of America”. Is there a list of these numbers? The highest number I’ve seen recently was well into the 30,000 range.

You mean a list of all 30,000 movies that they’ve ever slapped a sticker on? Golly. The mind boggles.

Here’s their website, see if there’s anything there. At least it’s a starting point.

Thanks for the reply. I clicked on the site and boy, does it suck! No way to e-mail! Guess I’ll have to do it the hard way and actually write them!

To answer the question, no.

From the rec.arts.movies.past-films faq (I knew I saw this somewhere!):

I don’t know if that’s a reliable source, but it’s at least a little more insight.

Maybe those numbers associated with movie ratings began in 1968, but, before that, the MPAA used to issue what it called certificate numbers. If you look at the beginning credits of most movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s, you will see a stylized oval at the bottom of the screen, with the cursive letters “MPAA” in the oval, and then something like “Certificate No. 1333”. I wonder if there is a place to look at all of those old numbers??

You thought they were “old” then? Add 12 years to it now.

He seems to have given up after 2010, but there was one guy who was trying to keep track of all the numbers.

You can see a picture of certificate number 1 on this eBay auction (which I have no connection to - I found it using a Google Image search).