MP's are assholes


Ok,stop whining already.Now you know that the MP’s can be a little overzealous.Just play the game,don’t speed on base.I had some problems with SP’s during my 6 years in the Navy.I drove a sportscar (a little too fast occasionally), I was extremely young looking for my rank.(I was E-6 by the time I was 23).This created some problems on MY part.I looked at it like “Hey,why is this E-3 schlub busting MY balls?”.Well…I had broken the rules,rank or no rank,so I had to live up to the consequences.

Monty…You retired as an E-6? 20 years? What rate?

Of course Syehoc is an NCO, you just have to look at his spelling to tell that. :smiley:

That said, my experience, after 7 years in the army, is that MPs, in general, are maggots. I never thought it was right to let a private carry a gun (not counting a wartime situation) and wield the power that an MP has. Someone mentioned earlier that they didn’t have a lot of power. Perhaps the army is different, but army MPs have quite a bit of power and I’ve seen quite a bit of abuse of that power.
MrC and Monty, get over yourselves already. Stop busting Syehoc’s balls. Granted, he didn’t act very responsible, but it’s the dramatic, preaching, overzealous bastards like you who made a large part of my military tour shitty. These are the kind of people who go home and keep their uniforms on because they have such a hard on for the military way. Seen American Beauty? Remember the retired colonel neighbor? Yep, that’s them. You both know that everything in the military DOES NOT always go down by the book. The MPs actions are a testament to that. Everything, and I mean everything in the UCMJ is always layed out with the caveat that any of the rules may be interpreted or implemented as the CDR sees fit.

Now look what you made me do! I just had a hissy fit. Fuckers.

To conclude:

An actual quote from an NCO, from when I was a young private, no more than three months into my first tour: “Hey! You! Private! GET OFF THE SERGEANT-MAJOR’S LAWN!!!”

And these people take themselves seriously? Ha!

Now, Demo.

You know, and I know that I would have never stepped on his neck if he hadn’t started squealing about how bad it hurt.

And so what if I wore my uniform at home? :smiley:

Rate: Petty Officer First Class.
Paygrade: E6.
Rating: Personnelman.

Remember folks: PN stands for Pride of the Navy.

PN1, USN (Retired)

My appologies, I guess whining is the only way I know to retaliate.

Thanks, Demo

Just like in the civilian world, what is written is not always exactly what is done. Punishments vary, no matter what you may have read in your UCMJ handbook.

What I think, as a specialist, is that you were probably a good NCO, in the sence that you completed the tasks outlined in the description of your MOS to the best of your ability. What I also think, taking from your narrow thoughts on the way the army works, is that you weren’t a very good leader. I bet you had a hard time relating with your soldiers. You keep quoting regulations and guidlines. That’s just exactly what they are…Guidelines. Guidelines can be altered and people can be corrupt.

Yeah, maybe ::rolleyes::

Then perhaps you need to learn something else.

Just pointing out the obvious.

Are you unfamiliar also with the English language? The published punishments are the punishments which have already been awarded at Article 15 hearings and courts-martial. They’re a record of the event. To say that the published punishments are just a guideline is to say that the civilian court’s sentencing someone to ten years in prison is a suggestion that they go to jail.

So you’re aware that the military actually requires something in the way of obedience to rules.

And you think incorrectly. Not only did my superiors consider me a good leader (thus the advancements to PO1), but my peers and subordinates, for the most part, considered me a good leader. I spent six years and six months in the Army and 13 months in the Army Reserves and so I think I am more familiar with “the way the Army works” than you. Scroll up and you will see that I actually gave you some very good advice in how to deal with what you appear to consider the way the Army works. If you fail to avail yourself of either of those solutions, then I can only infer: (a) your complaint is correct and you don’t care to solve the problem thus making yourself part of the problem, or (b) your complaint is incorrect and you’re just whining for the sake of whining.

See above. You would lose that bet.

And some people can be lazy (not wanting to correct a perceived problem) and whine.

On the other hand, there is I. At the moment, I’m currently involved in a report of fraudulent payment at two US Navy bases overseas. I reported the fraud to my congressman after the administrative avenues available while I was on Active Duty did not stop those fraudulent payments. But I guess I shouldn’t have quoted the regulations, according to you, and thus shouldn’t have anything on which to base my assertions of fraud.

Just pointing out one possible alternate scenario for the event you described. You might want to not have a narrow minded view yourself of “the way the Army works.”

And saying that every new case is tried and ruled on exactly like the ones in the past, having nothing to do with the social status or financial prosperity of the individual being tried, is to say that O.J. is now in prison waiting to be electricuted. Past cases are used as guidelines. The judgement is still ultimately dictated by a judge or jury.

Anyway, I think that this post is now way off the point. Look, Monty… I obviously hit one of your buttons here. I’m not trying to be the one getting BBQ’d. I do think you have a valid point, alot of them actually. To set a few things straight, I’m not a bad soldier. I’de probably impress even you with the list of awards I’ve achieved during my short period in the army. The last thing I need is to be councelled, but thanks for your proffesional suggestion.

The actual thing though is that you specifically said that BCD was reserved for a certain type of offense. That’s false and I directed you to where you could get the facts.

Yeah. That button is I don’t cotton to bad Soldiers bitching about “the system” for them being bad Soldiers.

Then quit whining when you get caught doing something wrong.

Then you shouldn’t have decried those points, now should you?

Somehow I doubt that, but let’s hope it’s true.

I’m not impressed. And it’s you that’s failed to impress me, not whatever awards you have or don’t have.

Anyway, perhaps you’ll decide that being an NCO is far different than you apparently think it is and get promoted to such rank. If that happens, and you turn out to be a good NCO, I’ll be impressed.

It seems to me that a number of people, myself included, do not like it when others bitch about the system being corrupt when they are not willing to try to do a damn thing to chance it.

Live with it, or don’t live with it. Just don’t cry about it. It’s unbecoming. Take a lesson from MattMCL. That’s one cat who stands up and tries to make a difference.

::Stands at the possition of parade rest::

Seargent, yes seargent.

::executes an about face, a forward march, and leaves the room with his head held high, his attitude obviously transformed into that of a proud soldier without a complaint::


Next time you have a complaint, dial 1-800-WAA-AAAH.

Your sarcasm does not go unnoticed and it reinforces my initial observation that you’re probably not a good soldier.

And, for that matter, if you can execute an about-face from parade rest, I’d like to take you to Ripley’s.

Thank you, writing it down right now…who should I ask for?

If I wanted it to go unnoticed, I wouldn’t have layed it on so thick, my good man. I’m crushed that you dislike my projected attitude. If it wasn’t against UCMJ, I’de kill my self.

 Touche', I should have previewed that one.

Oh come on Monty.Gimme a break.You can judge how good a soldier is by conversing with him on a message board?
No offense but you were a PN (Paper Navy),right?
I knew a ton of sailors that were GREAT at their respective jobs but hated the Military BS.So just because Syehoc might have a bit of a 'tude doesn’t mean he is not good at his job.

Syehoc, maybe U.S. MP’s are a bit different. In Canada you can get to the provost corps only by re-mustering, in oher words, you do your three years as a grunt (or whatever) and then apply to become an MP.
I did 9 years as a meathead, kicked ass and took names when it was called for, other than that, it was just protect and serve.
If you are getting grief, I am sure you deserve it.

Thanks, Rich G7subs. Much appreciated.

Maybe U.S. MP’s are a bit different. It seems like they have a good system in Canada. I think three years might be adequate time to mature enough to be given the powers and responsibilities associated with the job. Also, congratulations on kicking ass and taking names, you’re obviously proud.

P.S. Your Certainty about my deserved grief is duly noted.

I make my observation of his whining about getting caught in his error. A good Soldier would recognize that the cop’s doing his job also. Now think of the grief the poor cop would’ve gotten if he didn’t stop someone who just happened to be on his way to do some other crime. I’m betting that the MP in question got on the radio and notified the Desk Sergeant of both Syehoc’s “predicament” and the other driver’s and radioed that he’d be stopping Syehoc and requested the Desk Sergeant to have another MP stop the other vehicle.

The first part of your query is a lie: you obviously intend offense by the comment as it’s patently offensive. PN is the digraph for Personnelman, it is not “paper Navy.” My battle station aboard my first ship was in one of the fire-fighting parties. That’s a far cry from my “normal” paper shuffling job. My battle station and flight quarters station aboard my second ship was Operations Yeoman for the squadron to which I was assigned. That involved a lot more than “paper shuffling.”

Then they should’ve found a civilian equivalent of their “respective jobs.” Part of the “job” in the military is, well, to be military.

In my 20 years experience, a fucking cry baby is a piss poor Soldier. Syehoc is a fucking cry baby so far, ergo he’s a piss poor Soldier. I do echo your sentiment, though, about Syehoc’s grief.

>>>Then they should’ve found a civilian equivalent of their “respective jobs.” Part of the “job” in the military is, well, to be military.<<< posted by Monty
I agree 100%,that’s exactly my point.I’d be willing to bet this guy is on his first and only hitch.If the military wants a better rention rate somethings gotta be done.I was in his boat 16 years ago.I had 3.8 evals,made MM1 by 23 but was completely put off by the “Lifer” attitude.I had some problems that I NOW realize were my own doing.At that age are you mature enough to know?Some are,some aren’t.I really don’t know the fix,but calling him a poor soldier on a message board sure isn’t helping.
The Navy paid nearly 500,000$ to train people in my rating(Nuke field).They lost a lot of great people because for some lame reasons.Do I really need to get written up for a haircut my first day back in port after a 3 month patrol WHILE I’M STANDING IN LINE FOR A HAIRCUT? That QM2 with 3 hashmarks just cost the Navy 500 grand.

I’m an 88M, basically a truck driver. I joined the army in Sept. of 99 and made E4 two months ago. I guess I don’t have to tell you that it requires a waiver and a recommendation from the commander to get promoted that early. Since I’ve been in, I’ve gotten two AAM’s, one for outstanding PT scores and one for soldier of the quarter for my battalion. Not too long ago I was selected to be our Colonel’s personal driver, a position I’m still holding. The “bad soldiers” I work with are E3’s, mowing lawns on saturdays.

You have a real problem with speculation. The problem is, you suck at it. If your going to make such blunt accusations you should know what you're talking about. At first, I was pissed off that you called me a "fucking cry baby," but what do you know? Now that you've retired, what do you do? Sit back and collect half of what you're pay would have been if you would have stayed in? I can't really blame you. You spent 20 years of your life in the army and all you have to show for it is your moth-eaten uniform and your right to shop at the commissary.

Don’t jump all over my back because you have all this unresolved anger toward “bad soldiers”, you fucking burnout.