MPSIMS: Mental Tumbleweeds

Starting out fresh…

Inspired by the generous contributions of everyone’s favorite books of childhood, I made a list of children’s books to look at/buy and today, I found three books: The Great Brain Reforms, Me and My Little Brain and the Little Princess. All for the grand total of $2.98. Used.

My son has a cold.

Starting out a little overripe…

Inspired by the Dick Haiku thread, I’m writing poems at work.

My son has alot of Pokemon cards.

I found out last night that the vet I used to like a while back is doing relief work on New Year’s Eve. I’m already signed up to pull a double. Maybe I’ll jump on him at midnight, hehehe. (yeah, right) Oh well, it’s a fun little fantasy.

Weave a circle round him thrice,
And close your eyes with holy dread,
For he on honey-dew hath fed,
And drunk the milk of Paradise.–Coleridge

Rysdad: You can console yourself to know that your Pokemon cards that probably cost you an entire months wages (though not at once) will probably be worth “50 cents for all” at your next garage sale.

I won $500 today!

I’ll never part with Pikachu!

I got a $2500 raise today!!! Plus, I’m still eligible for another one in January!

::heading over to Guy Stuff thread…drinks are on me!!::

Wow! I inspired someone!

I am going to get pierced this weekend. The SO is getting a tattoo.

We’re also starting our christmas shopping.

And then, Thai food.

Magnificent to behold - Greatly to be praised.

We have two insurance settlements pending for our two oldest sons. (Don’t ask. We have our own family orthopedic surgeon.) One just got settled for $900 (broken hand) when we thought we wouldn’t get anything. The other (dislocated hip) is just moving to the settlement phase now that the likelihood of a hip replacement is very small. Should be five figures after the medical bills are paid. So we could be thousandaires shortly.

I got a new green pickup truck.

I will never, ever suggest to anyone on this board that Bill Shakespeare didn’t write with his own hands anything attributed to him.

“Vandelay!! Say Vandelay!!”

Good luck with the lawsuits, Pluto. Insurance companies are evil.

**Falcon ** Good for you! A raise. Was it for anything in specific, or like a Dilbert strip, a random raise that encourages you to act sporatically?

Shirley -

It was because I was VERY underpaid before for what I did. I brought this up, and pointed out everything I do at my office. (I’m the only policy analyst that can also program.) And they gave it to me!!!

I’m so happy…this is my first job, and this was my first time sticking up for myself there! Woohoo!

“The point of a journey is not to arrive.”
-Neil Peart, Rush

My sister’s first child was an accident. Her second was planned, and intended to be the last.

I just found out last week that a third is on the way, and this one is accidental too.

On the one hand “yay!” but on the other hand “eep!”

Hero For A New Millennium!

The Legend Of PigeonMan - updates every Wed & Sat

An e-mail buddy wrote today that someone shot his dog, and the dog died.

I needed something un-trite to say to him, and spent a half hour on a pet bereavement site crying my eyes out.

Found a nice poem by Eugene O’Neil.

GuanoLad, I had my kids the same way as your sister. Oops, planned, oops. But we’re done now. The doctor has seen to that.

My daughter read me her favorite book tonight, in the way a 2 1/2 year old can “read.” She just cuted me to bits. Then she asked to hold her baby brother. So, I propped him up on her lap, and she read him a story too. Thought I’d weep. But I know she’ll be trying to burn the house down tomorrow. Kids. :slight_smile:

Thanks a fucking load, AuntiePam and Cristi. Now I don’t know whether to cry for happy or sad.

The beer must be kickin’ in.

Hey BurnMeUp, what ya gettin pierced? My girlfriend got her nipples pierced a month or so ago, and she’s going to go for another piercing soon (I’ll tell, but someone has to ask :slight_smile: ). She wants me to get my little terrorist pierced, but I just don’t think it’s something I’d like.

And now for something random: the bulldozer that was digging a huge pit outside my room has finally stopped. Too bad I didn’t throw a time capsule in there when I could have.

I went my local CD store this evening. I bought a used copy of Toon Tunes. So now I’m listening to the theme from Dudley Do-Right.

Having got the liposuction over, I’m ready to start dating again - so I put a personal ad on yahoo last week. My ad

I’ve gotten several replies already - I’ve replied to three. One of those I’ve already exchange a couple of e-mails & I’m trying to drag him onto the MB.

So if anyone asks about me, y’all say nice things, OK?

Umm, Nerd, what’s she getting pierced?!?! <evil grin>

I friend of mine just sent me an email, asking the “gry” question. I answered her. I gave her the definitions right out of Return of the Straight Dope. I also cited ROTSD as my source. Don’t want anyone actually thinking I’m the smart one.