Mr. Balls aka Senhor Testiculo mascot for Cancer Research.

The buckteeth reminds me of Sponge Bob. I fully support any campaign that helps raise awareness for testicular cancer.

Now, can I get my picture taken with Mr. Balls? :wink:

There are some places where teeth should never be. :eek:

If there ever was a pic that made me stop and say “” it would be that. Especially with the perky little kid standing next to Mr. B.

I have a good friend who is a T-Cancer survivor with a great sense of humor - I sent him a link to the article and am looking forward to his reply :wink: I suspect he’ll feel inspired to bring Mr. B to the U.S.!!

Some stuff you just can’t make up.

What I want to know is why does his hair (on his “head”) have bald spots? Does he have mange? Did they run outa pubs? Inquiring minds want to know.

I almost applied to drive the Wienermobile for one summer, thinking it would be cool to have on the resume’. This thing? Career gold I tells ya.

He moonlights as Mr. Bald.

Are we sure nydailynews is not a parody site?

Just so long as he realizes that ever so often a young boy or older woman is going to run up and kick him.

Does he look bigger when he shaves?

His nose seems a little short.

Assuming he is the one on the left.


The New York Daily News is a real newspaper. Its quality has declined drasticly in recentr years, but it is not a parody site.


“You’ve gotta be nuts to take that job” was never so true.

If he’s got any sense he will stay far away from football fields, soccer games, and golf courses.

And he better not scratch up that costume either.

THAT is one of the most grotesque looking things I have seen. Granted it’s in a good cause, but did they HAVE to make it so nubbly and hairy? This is one of those times when I think abstraction would be a blessing.

Just wait until Senhor Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones unleash the mascot for THEIR cause.

Another article. I didn’t realize there was a connection between steroid use and testicular cancer.

Well, there’s my sleep gone for the next two nights.

He might make a pretty good Doctor Who villain though.

E J A C U L A T E !

Yep, I find that pretty terrifying.

Q: Why does that child have large pubic hairs on her face?

How is it not disturbing to see a little girl standing next to a giant, hairy scrotum?