Mr Miyagi, Little Richard, and ???

Who is the woman cooking for Mr Miyagi, Little Richard, and (some other person whom I recognized at the time, but no longer remember) in the commercial? Is she a well-known actress or is she “just some actress” there to fill out the commercial?

I’m pretty darn sure it’s Sally Jessie Raphael.

I was really wondering about this also. I have no clue who the other 2 people are.

The other guy is Chuck Woolery (sp?) who was the host of the game show Love Connection and then more recently Fox’s short lived Millionaire-rip-off Greed.

As for the woman, for a second I thought it might be Barbara Billingslea but figured that it couldn’t be her.

We’ll get to the bottom of this yet.

Like Palmyra, I’m 99.99% sure it’s Sally Jessy Raphael. I think the fact that she’s not wearing her trademark red/orange glasses throws you.

I actually get a kick out of this commercial, the fact, like Politically Incorrect, of gathering four disparate “roommates” together. I hope they continue with other unlikely pairings. Maybe something like Adam West, Gloria Steinem, G. Gordon Liddy and Bea Arthur,


Um…pardon my ignorance, but what is the commercial for? I don’t have a tv here (despite the fact that the university provides us with cable). I’m just curious.

Damn, can’t remember exactly, believe it’s one of those “complete meal in a bag,” Skillet-Sensation-type deals.


there’s a new one, and I think it’s even fuinnier,
George Harrison, Mary Lou Retton, Loni Anderson and Mr. T.

it was beautiful.

LCP2972: That’s George Hamilton, not the former Beatle. You’re right, it’s pretty funny.