Mr. Monopoly, my ass! What happened to rich Uncle Pennybags?

I understand that a new balloon was introduced at the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year: Mr. Monopoly.

Mr. Monopoly?


It’s rich Uncle Pennybags, not Mr. Monopoly!

Or so I thought. I went to the Monopoly website and they call him Mr. Monopoly too. When did that crap happen?

He will always be Rich Uncle Pennybags to me.

sniff :frowning:

Mr Monopoly? What a joke.

Probably some PC folks going over-the-top, or something.

I’m drawing a complete blank how “Rich Uncle Pennybags” could be un-PC. Maybe people just didn’t know the name? I admit I didn’t, and I played it a lot as a kid.

My guess is that the ‘unenlightened masses’ wouldn’t know who Rich Uncle Pennybags is, so…

Never heard of Uncle Pennybags myself. I suspect that the name had virtually no recognition to it, and thus wasn’t a good advertising hook. So, they changed his name to include the name of the product he’s attached to. That’s not PC, it’s just economics.

Note: Miller is excluded from the ‘unenlightened masses’ because I don’t want to get beaten up.

I will now take my leave and try and put my other foot in my mouth.

Thank you.


I heard he was mixed with the cement and now lies under Park Place.

You didn’t know? He’s an evil capitalist, duh.

And we wouldn’t want to offend the evil capitalists.

They all wear top hats, you know.

Bastards. First it’s “Lets-make-Christmas-a-two-month-long-mass-that-isn’t-really-a-mass-because-materialistic-greed-is-involved-that-is-aided-by-constant-automatic-airplay-of-mostly-lackluster-Christmas-music”, then stupid, uncreative economic bullshit that is, in this case, a rather silly name change that, in my not so humble opinion, is a shot in the foot of an empire that built a rather large mystique from actions that are the direct opposite of what is being flamed upon here.

Nothing sacred. (Then again, it was commercialism to start with, but I think you got my gist.)

I just can’t believe somebody found a way to dumb down a cartoon character.

Another person complaining about the Wall Street Fat Cats… :slight_smile:

…but the balloon itself, which I saw being inflated and held down by nets on 81st St.(Uncle Pennybags in bondage!) and later “running” across 57th Street, is pretty cool. Really.

Opressing the single-eyed masses. Is there a tax on eyeballs, then, and the poor couple is being fined extra because their baby was born with two?

My grandfather was featured in many early 80’s Monopoly magazine ads (“Nobody Knows Monopoly Better Than Louis Vanne”, for you Monopoly ad historians :slight_smile: ), so I have a personal connection to Rich Uncle Pennybags. The THOUGHT that they have changed his name is just sickening to me. He’ll always be Uncle to me.

The instruction manuals on the Hasbro page still call him Pennybags.

Actually, the reason I drew them that way is because I went through and studied a bunch of the cards, and many of the characters are drawn in a similar fashion. :wink:

It was originally done for some Monopoly-themed protest over in the UK somewhere. It was on a socialist mailing list, but I don’t remember the exact thing they were protesting about.

I confess utter ignorance. I always thought his name was Mr. Moneybags.


It appears that the specimen, which I have given the name Homo sapiens monopolus, first appeared in 1936. I am not sure when he first gained any sort of moniker (although I imagine friends probably called him “that guy on the Monopoly cards” early on), but he appeared a board game called Rich Uncle in 1946. In 1985, he gained his now-famous spot in the Monopoly logo, happily popping out of the second “O.”

Although some do call him “Mr. Moneybags,” this does not appear to be a name he goes by officially anyway. It could be very likely that “Mr. Monopoly” is just a nickname, and his actual surname is Pennybags. We have records that state he once won second prize in a beauty contest, and are currently searching for the registration so that we may see what his real name actually is.