Mr. President...Some help Please!

Reports of 15000 dead now in Iran. The world is mobilizing to help with what they can and yet, nothing in the news of the good 'ol U.S of A even offering condolences.

We have the equipment and the manpower right next door, to make a HUGE difference and yet…nothing.

Not to minimize the problems or lack of manpower right there in Iraq, but a couldn’t the war wait just a few days.

I would think that our country would benefit immensely in the eyes of the Muslim world by at least offering immediate assistance.

Didn’t the earthquake just happen a bit earlier today?

And we all know the forces in Iraq are sitting on their asses twiddling their thumbs.

I bet Bush is drawing up the invasion plans right now.

From CNN:

"Turkey, Russia, Spain, Britain and the United States are among the nations responding to Iran’s call for help. "

Try again, you anti-Bush piece of crap.

However, next time be sure not to launch a preemptive attack. People get pissed when the reason for the rant goes MIA.

To be fair, the early news I saw only mentioned the UK, Germany, Greece and Turkey rushing in with offers of aid in various forms, with no mention of the US. Note I said “early news”; it’s good to see the US is now taking the opportunity to build some goodwill in a country where it desperately needs it (especially considering how Bush squandered it in the recent past with his “Axis of Evil” remark). C’mon, George, don’t blow this one.

The U.S. has helped Iran with earthquake relief as recently as last year. That earthquake wasn’t nearly as bad as this one. There’s no reason we won’t help this time as well; we always do.


Hey, you don’t suppose that Bush reads the Straight Dope? Nah.

What got me going is the quake happened locally at somewhere around five in the morning and I had just read an article about it being nightfall with no significant help.

Even in the earliest reports of the tragedy, the Russian president had expressed his condolences and offered assistance. It took all day for Bush to do the same and offer unspecified help.

And you, No Body In There 33, take your assumptions and wallow in your own crap.

That’s funny - I got a laugh out of that - thanks


Hmm . . . I wonder if the US or any of its allies extended even “condolences” to Taiwan after its equally severe earthquake of September 21, 1999. Nah, didn’t think so.


I don’t know if anybody ever said the word “condolences” but it doesn’t appear it was ignored.

Hmmm… some more.

According to this, Clinton did offer our nation’s condolences after the earthquake. And Reuters seconds it. I’m sure many of our allies did likewise.

Hrmmm. Here is the earliest report from the Washington Post. No mention of Putin. Sure, later reports mention him, but guess what, they also mention America, France, etc.

It is absolutely amazing to see what contortions you idiots will put yourself through to try to insult GW.

That has to be the lamest attack on GWB I have seen yet.

Also, just a little nitpic, do you think the President can snap his fingers and have aid in Iran within the hour? Yeah, we have troops in Iraq but they just can’t up and leave at this point.

These things take time. You have to figure out a) what resources are available b)how to use those resources c)how to get them to where they need to go. Then you need to figure out what resources will actually help.


Agreed. This was lame.

And it hasn’t even been 24 hours. Just because there are no news reports right now dosn’t mean that things aren’t happening. The 1st guy to offer condolenses and aid in the press doesn’t win a prize, and may not be doing the most good. These things have to be planned, you know.

According to Fox News, the U.S. is sending personnel (200 people, I think) to help with search and rescue and disaster management. We’re sending 150,000 tons of medical supplies from Kuwait. We’re also providing help from FEMA.

All this to a country with whom we don’t have official relations. It’s a good thing and the right thing to do. Unfortunately, the Iranian government has refused assistance from Israel.

LAAAAY-MO!. Much as I dislike the Invader in Chief, he didn’t F this up. But really, we (the US) have traditionally been pretty forthcoming with disaster aid, especially when a disaster of this scale occurs. It really doesn’t matter who’s president or which party is in power.

We should rush aid to Iran because with our close relations and how much they love the US, we should be tripping over ourselves to help them. I can imagine that the next time they are burning American flags or chanting “Death to America”, they will pauses for a moment to reflect on the aid given to them.

Let me guess, the next thing to come will be some bullshit about how this will help mend the relationship between our two nations. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

I’ve already posted that particular “bullshit” a while ago, but thanks for reminding everyone.

I’ll try and keep this simple, in keeping with your current level of understanding of international diplomacy. See, if we want countries to have a constructive diplomatic relationship with the US, and if we similarly want to be in a position to influence their actions without pissing off their populaces, the US needs 1) to demonstrate that good things can happen if they cooperate with us, and 2) that bad things can happen if they don’t. This is called, in technical jargon, a “carrot and stick” approach. (Do let me know if this is too complicated for you.)

If our entire foreign policy is based on the “stick” approach alone, we run the risk of other countries interpreting this as a declaration of overt antipathy and will react accordingly. A demonstration of good faith will not go very far towards influencing the average idiot-in-the-street, but will provide those elements of the government favorable to the US with some support for their position. Thus it is that change is effected.

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but I’d like to pick at this just a bit.

Natural disasters generally require these: food, shelter, medical aid, equipment for moving debris, and transportation for the above. As far as I’m concerned, there should always be a stockpile of these, including having people on call for the latter three. It shouldn’t take any longer to get preliminary aid on the scene than it takes to load up and fuel up some airplanes. Natural disasters are bound to happen, don’t know where, don’t know when, but one can rest assured that something will happen somewhere, sometime. Might as well be ready.

The Long Road, I don’t care if it changes their attitude or not. Helping is the right thing to do. Period. If your neighbor’s house was burning down, would you ignore it because their dog kept yapping at you every time you stepped outside? I hope not.