Mr. Smithers Really Unhappy With His Boss

Well, actually, Harry Shearer, the voice of Smithers and Burns among others.

That comment’s not sitting well with Al Jean.

I certainly hope that they don’t try and write Shearer out of the show.

Well, what he appears to be referring to is how his characters don’t get much screentime anymore. There haven’t been any meaty Mr Burns or Ned Flanders episodes in ages, it’s all been about the Simpsons family only. Which, really, isn’t wrong in itself, considering the name of the show and all, but fair enough if he feels he’s been given the short end of the stick lately.

Still, I don’t know if he should be airing his grievances in that fashion.

I rate the last three seasons as among the worst. It’s not like this is some bombshell revelation, and frankly, Al Jean can’t defend the quality of the show to anyone. Nobody can.

Season 14 has the episode where Flanders dates a starlet.

Thank you for pointing out the Emperor has no clothes. Why in the hell is that show still on the air? It’s gone from treading water to lying on the ocean floor motionless.

I was surprised it took five posts for this to appear. Someone’s reflexes must be off.

I think Shearer does way too many characters to be written out of the show anyway.

He makes a very good point. Wether you think the Simpsons has gone down in quality or not it’s really gotten behind the character-with-a-catchphrase syndrome.

Earlier seasons have crowd scenes made up of random people, nowadays if there’s a crowd it will be made up of second string characters who will say their trademarked lines. It makes Springfield seems smaller and contributes to the feeling of staleness that the series now has.

There are still random people in the crowds, but there are more ‘name’ characters. It’s funny that people used to talk about how large Springfield was because there were so many of them.

Al Jean has been on every commentary track of the two DVD box sets I have (2 & 4); I’m curious as to what his commentaries will be like for the more recent seasons (which I’ve enjoyed and been disappointed with in equal measure).

Then again, that probably won’t be until 2010, and by then these seasons may look even better by comparison.

Hey, some seasons have to be the worst, and Shearer’s opinion is that it’s the last three. I fail to see how this is such horrible criticism from a “malcontent”.

Surely Al Jean has his least favorite seasons too?

Seasons 10 and 11 were the worst. The show has gotten better lately.

I disagree what he says is:

He is not referring to any particular characters (his own or others), but to his own sense that the scripts are not very well written in even a basic sense. From the few episodes of the last couple of years that I’ve even been able to sit through, I have to agree. the show’s gone way downhill.