Mr. Wilson's Address

Dennis the Menace’s address was 627 Elm Street. What was Mr. Wilson’s address?

The question may seem trivial, but it’s an important component of a project I’m working on.

Mr. Wilson’s address: 625 Elm

Fantastic! What search strategy did you use? All my searches came up empty.

‘dennis the menace address 627 elm’. I figured that Mr. Wilson, being a neighbor on the same side of the street, would be either 625 or 629. If that first search hadn’t panned out, I’d have tried things like ‘wilson menace 625 elm’, and the link I found is conveniently the first hit on Google for those terms.

A more direct route would have just been ‘mr wilson’s address’ which has the correct info in the snippet of the second hit.

What sort of project is this for, out of curiosity?

I used nearly the exact same search strategy. I wonder why I didn’t come up with that page? Oh well. I didn’t try “mr. wilson’s address,” though. I did “‘mr. wilson’ address,” which apparently was enough to throw Google off the trail.

I’m using the info for a website project. My name just happens to be Mr. Wilson (although my first name isn’t George). I enjoy throwing little bits of relatively obscure trivia into my projects whenever I can. Most people don’t get it, or they don’t even realize there is something to “get.” But it’s rewarding for the people who figure it out to be able to say “Hey, I know why you did that!”

Of course one of the unintended side effects is some people think everything is an inside joke of some sort.

Very cute…have you done “Home Improvement” references as well? Cast Away volleyball references?

Not all my inside references relate to “Wilson,” but when they do “Home Improvement” and “Cast Away” are easy to tie in, along with athletes (e.g. Wilson Kipketer), presidents (Woodrow Wilson), and others.