MS FrontPage 2000 Help!!

MMkay, I am getting WAY frustrated here.

I have designed countless pages in FrontPage, Dreamweaver and plain on HTML. I am in the middle of designing a web page for my Dad and he has chosen a specific MS Frontpage theme that he likes. Okay, fine…I’ll use it.

Except…when I go to Format…Theme…and chose the theme, none of the graphics come up! What am I doing wrong here??? The background pops up. Aren’t the graphics (banner, buttons, bullets etc) just supposed to pop up and then you just edit them??

I’ve never done it this way, but since it’s my Dad’s site, I need to figure this out. Am I being a dolt?

Please, help if you can, before I end up bald!!

Many of the graphics only show up when they are used for shared borders.

Bullets should work for a bullet list.

If nothing works, you may need to reinstall FP. But many of the graphics they show you are not part of the regular web page.

I got the bullets to work when I made a bulleted list. Thanks.

How the heck do I get the banner and buttons to work?? Yeesh. This is stupid. You would think if you made a theme, everything would just pop up and you edit it or delete it as need be.

Perhaps you’re confusing themes with templates? Themes just format existing elements on a page for you, they don’t actually create those elements. If you want a pre-made page to edit, that’d be a template. The examples you see when you choose a theme are just there to let you know what the various elements would look like if you choose to add them to your page.

To actually get them to show up on the page, you have two options. You can build the page manually (for example, use Insert -> Interactive Button to add a button) or you can first use a page template/page wizard and then format the results using a theme. The templates and wizards are available when you choose to make a new page or a new site, and if you need more, there are others available at Office Online (FrontPage should provide you with links to that).

Ooh, better yet, to make a navigation bar, use Insert -> Navigation and NOT Insert -> Interactive Button. My mistake.

And the banner would be Insert -> Banner, naturally. Give it a title and FrontPage will generate a graphic based on your theme.