MS Office is slow saving/opening files on a NAS device--how to diagnose?

A Windows 7 PC had no problems connecting to a Synology DS209. We recently switched to a D-Link DNS-321. While it connects/maps the drive without a problem, Office files (and I think others, but Office is my main program) take an absurd amount of time to open, save, etc.—fifteen to twenty seconds.

Nothing was done differently from connecting to the Synology. The Mac in the office has no problems connecting to it—files load as quickly as you’d expect. There is a lot of equipment on the system, but all switches are Gigabit-capable. Also, the Synology and the D-Link follow the same network paths (i.e., they’re connected to different ports on the same switch). This issue followed a move from one end of the house to the other, so changing the middle networking components had no effect.

Other than moving the equipment around to check the equipment/lines and testing the setup with the Mac, I don’t know what else to do diagnosis-wise. Given the result of those steps, I’m inclined to think it’s a Windows’ settings issue, but have no idea where to look.

Any suggestions?


If you are using UNC paths, try IP addresses. If you are using IP addresses (of drive letters, for that matter) try using UNC paths.

How to tell?

To connect, I went to Tools>Map Network Drive>Browze>Network>found the device and selected the folder. I selected a drive letter and that was it–that’s how I work with files via Office and other programs.

ETA: Is that the UNC path? To connect to it via IP, would I simply put in the NAS’s IP address in the folder box with “/directory” appended to the end?

The UNC path is “\<servername>&lt;directory_path>”. I have seen significant speed differences between different methods of specifying the location, especially if Word is loading the Normal template and other startup templates from a network location.

Is the slow save/open all the time or the first time? I can’t figure out why it would be so darned slow, unless you are talking about open/save to a drive that has spun down.

A DNS-321 is not very fast hardware, and it will barely exceed 100Mbps speeds, getting nowhere near the capacity of your gigabit switches. But a Word document is hardly a big file.

These devices are faster with smaller files; the transfer speed drops dramatically when you start moving video files around.