MS Office won't install

I have been given a laptop that seems to contain MS office 2003, but it asks for a key code and I do not have it. No problem. I have previously purchased MS office 97 and ms office 2000 premium.

Office 97 won’t even start to load.
Office 2003 premium requests my key code, which I give it, and then starts to load but produces an error message:

Error 1305


I have an hp laptop and am running windows XP Home. I have previously installed these versions on other XP machines. Why won’t it let me now, and how do I go about fixing it?

You’ll probably have to completely uninstall the 2003 version. I don’t think you can install an older version over a newer one.

I found out the copy of Office 2000 was bad, although the disc looked pretty good to me. I still don’t know why Office 97 won’t load, although I did uninstall Office 2003.

Some laps have Office preloaded and good for 3 months. You got to buy it after it expires.