MS Word-How come single space is DOUBLE space?

I copied a text from a web page and pasted it into Word.
Next, I went to format/paragraph/single space.
Now, I have some text single spaced, with about 1/8 of an inch between the lines.
However, further down the page, there is some text that is about 1 inch between the lines. I went back to format/et al, and apparently this is single space as well.
Two questions:

  1. Why the difference?
  2. How can I change it to be uniform?

Try pasting what you copied into Notepad first, with or without wordwrap (I can’t remember which), and then copying from Notepad to Word.

Try setting it to “0 pts before, 0 pts after” over the entire sample of text too, since the space before/after paragraph settings might also affect space between lines, especially if there’s a carriage return betwen them.

When you paste into Word, be sure to do a Paste Special, Unformatted Text. That should do it.

What nivlac said. Note that most web pages are set up with blank paragraphs between text paragraphs. If you use space-before-and/or-after in your formatting, you want to clean out those out. Replace ^p^p with ^p.

A while ago, I assigned a paste:unformatted macro to ctrl+v. I highly recommend doing the same.