Frontpage Spacing Problem

Hopefully this isnt a double post, but I tried to post this a minute ago and it didnt seem to go.

I use Frontpage to make my website ( ) . A friend and I collaborate on it. He doesn’t have Frontpage, so when he sends me stuff its typed in Word, then he Instant Messages it to me, then I copy and paste it into Frontpage. The problem is, his stuff is usually single spaced, which is fine. I need it that way. But then when I try to add my own stuff to the same page, try as I might I cannot get it to actually be (vertically) single spaced. It reports the text that I type as being single spaced, but clearly it isnt. The only way I can get it to space itself correctly is to hold down space bar until it starts a new line. This makes it difficult to play with fonts and sizes, since every time I have to readjust it.

Any advice?


I am a little confused by what problem it is that you’re having… When you say single spaced, do you mean…



I’m not extremely familiar with FrontPage, but I have used Dreamweaver a lot… if you’re having problems getting FrontPage to do what you want it to, I would recommend learning alittle bit of HTML, so you can edit whatever you need to in notepad…


Yeah, single spaced as in:
“blah blah blah” Then hit enter
“blah blah blah”

The problem is, when I hit enter the next line is still far a large distance below the last line, but it doenst acknowlege that that space exists.

in other words:
“Blah blah blah” hit enter (making sure it’s set to single space)

“blah blah blah”
I’m having trouble clearly expressing this problem, but hopefully someone will realize what I mean from their own experience.

When you hit enter at the end of a line, it puts in a paragraph tag. That adds an extra vertical space.

Either let the lines run together without hitting Enter, or, if you want to force a break, hit SHIFT/ENTER.

Many thanks, RealityChuck!

Crap, now I have another problem. I went to do that to one of my pages, and when I opened it the font had changed from the last time. When I select all the text it won’t give me the option of picking my old font, what gives?

And, is dreamweaver easy to use?

if you are hand-coding it is the <**br /> tag, though you don’t strictly need the /> and you can just use <**br>.

Dreamweaver is AWESOME. Most everyone I know that codes with WYSIWYG editors like Dreamweaver over Frontpage.

Dunno about your font problems, though.

I’d say a bigger problem is all those g-d pop ups !

Sorry, I thought I’d check out the site, but my right-click button isnt working so well so its hard to kill those buggers…

I use FrontPage exclusively for all my web design projects, you do still need to learn to dink with HTML. ( I am a webdesigner but focus more on graphics than HTML crap. )

However, your best bet is to have your friend send stuff over to you in NotePad – seriously. Word can really screw things up especially if you are using Word 2000 or later. I even use NotePad for when I am copying a recipe from websites, it eliminates all the garbage.

Just do a copy and paste from NotePad and mess with it from there, you can easily highlight fonts and change them as you need.

Sorry about the possible hijack here but i figured while there were a bunch of powerpoint users around I’d ask. Question is when i lay something out on the page and then go to preview it the alignment is all off. then when i save it as a page and open it in a browser the alignment will be even more messed up. Is there some option im not turning on/off or something?? please help…thanks

Sorry, they bother me too but I didn’t put them there. I use free webspace provided by, and they put em up.