MS Word Question

I’m hoping there is an easy answer to this question that will make me say, “duh!”

Can I modify the track changes feature in MS Word so that all changes are underscored in the same text color? I’m in the process of revising several documents, but I want all changes to be underscored in red text. I originally started revising the documents using my computer at work, so the changes were tracked in red text (the default color). Recently I made additional changes using my computer at home and now all of the tracked changes are displayed in grey text which is really hard to see. I understand why different colors are used to track the changes of different users, but this isn’t necessary for me. Does anyone know how I can change it back to red? Thanks!

Go to Tools, Options, Track Changes. Lets you set changes being highlighted by Author or by a color. (at least in my version, 2000.)

Thank you, this worked perfectly. I knew there had to be an easy solution.