msmith537, you owe me an apology

Back in December we were discussing Joe Millionaire before the show had aired. I disclosed how my wife was acquinted with one of the contestents and what the ladies really knew before they were sent to France. In this post, you insinuated that I was lying. I called you on it and you didn’t respond which was probably because you never went back to the thread.

I now ask you to read this article from the New York Daily News. You’ll see that things were exactly like I said they were. Maybe this isn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things but I didn’t appreciate my honesty being called into question. Now that I have proof, I await your apology.


I can definitely understand why you’d be upset if msmith called you a liar. However, when I read the post you linked to, it looked to me like he was calling the Joe Millionaire woman a liar. As in, “yeah, right, I’m sure she didn’t know what the show was going to be about.” I could be wrong though.

Wow, some people can’t let stuff go. msmith’s entire post was “yeah…riiiight” and was, as you said, almost two months ago. You jumped on him at the time, and he didn’t even care enough to respond. So this was worth Pitting now?

You posted what was essentially a rumor, he doubted it’s truth.

I didn’t have proof until now. I posted a first hand account (email received) and he doubted my veracity.