New Reality Show: The Un-Millionaire

New Fox Show

Is this something you would watch? I personally have never understood the fascination with The Bachelor, but this sounds even worse.

And… if the woman freaks out when the guy tells her at the end that he’s really almost broke does it necessarily mean she’s a “gold digger” or could it mean she just doesn’t appreciate the fact that this guy has lied to her for 6 weeks (or however long it takes to get to the last woman)?

Well, the only thing he can lie about is the fact that he isn’t a millionaire. Other than that he has to be truthful, and the show will set up the premise that he just came into the money as an inheritance.

I don’t think that freaking out is necessary for her to be considered a gold-digger. Merely participating makes her one.

My hopes will be complete if someone is an utter bitch and makes it to the end. He then spills the truth and dumps her. But, I’ll have to read about it because this does not sound interesting.

Hey, c’mon it’s FOX.

What, did you actually expect something that even had a whiff of quality programming coming from FOX?

Maybe this will be some cosmic justice.

If, at the end, the guy falls for the girl, and really thinks she fell for him, and then she leaves him upon finding out his financial status, he’ll be screwed, and she’ll be pissed off for wasting her time. And they’ll both deserve it for getting messed up in this particular brand of reality tv bullshit.

Then again, Fox will make money off of it. Not justice after all.

Am I allowed to be smug that other than the occasional peripheral view of Survivor I haven’t seen any of the reality shows?

I’m still not going to watch it, but I would enjoy a hearty laugh if these girls did indeed turn out to be gold-digging biatches hamming it up to get their acting careers started or something.

I wonder if he will even have incentive to pick the girl he wants, when there’s a good chance she’ll dump him, for “being a liar” or course. I bet he’ll purposely pick a bitch he dislikes.

Or he’ll just do the usual and pick the girl with the best rack. :smiley:

after telling the girl that he is broke, FOX will get her reaction, then say,“and as a prize for playing, we are giving the guy 1 million dollars!”

This show will rule. I hope some uppity gold digger gets her comeuppance.

LOL, “being a liar” will certainly be the escape the lucky lady uses when she realizes that a million people are about to see her exposed as worthless and shallow. Though of course, as noted, just being on the show should be enough to demonstrate that.

Of course, she must have already done it, whoever she is, because otherwise the promos for the show are telling her the secret. So somewhere right about now, one gold-digging woman is feeling really stupid…and I feel pretty enthusiastic about that :wink:

I think perhaps I’ll just watch the last episode of this one, to see her bubble burst, when she ends up with just a nice, normal, good-looking regular guy, when what she wanted was a life of lounging around in luxury for a few years before the divorce when she can take half his money.

I hope they ask the winner, before the twist is revealed, if she would still care about the guy if he wasn’t rich. The gold-digging bimbo will say, of course, that she cares NOTHING about the money. Then they should hit her between the eyes with the truth. My guess is that she will fake-smile her way to the end of the show and pretend it doesn’t matter. Then the guy will never hear from her again after its over

I don’t know about you, but I sure am.

<Smile an insufferably self-satisfied smile>

Ditto. Oh, I’ve seen some of the MTV things in the past couple months say, on a Sunday morning before football came on and I really wasn’t paying attention, but I’ve never watched any of the “mainstream” shows at all.

“Americdan Idol” … [shiver] Man, just seeing the commercials with that white kid with the huge afro … No. I could not watch that show.

I don’t watch the goofy game shows either, like “Millionaire.”
So yes, I too am smug.

I’m the smuggest of the all! Or is that most smug of them all?

Sadly, this new Fox show looks too funny to pass up. I think I’ll tune in for the last episode. Hopefully Katie and Matt will cover it and I won’t have to watch it and I can remain the smuggest (most smug…?).
JuanitaTech, who has decided to go with ‘most smug’.

Did anyone else notice who was hosting it?? I’m a total nerd, but I LOVE Alex McLeod! I’d watch anything she hosted, even this dreck.

(Does the Alex Happy Dance!!)

To the first question: No…that truly sounds like a cruel show.

To the second question: Both, probably. Depending on the character (and we still know nothing about the women), it could be more gold digger or more pissed off because the man lied.

What, did you actually expect something that even had a whiff of quality programming coming from FOX?

Well…The Simpsons air on FOX. :smiley:

Wait… Alex McLeod is hosting?!? Now I HAVE to watch!

[Harrumph] Maybe if it was Alex Summers. :wink: