MSN Space Cadet Pinball Questions

I love playing this game even though I know it doesn’t behave the way an ordinary pinball table does.

My top score is now 4,007,000. If I don’t get at least a million with that first ball (unless I get a “re-depoy”), I just start the game over. Do y’all do this too?

I also try never to use the “tilt” buttons unless I’m real close to not making it over my top score. One thing about the tilts is that you never know when you’ll “over-tilt”. (That’s something the game decides for you with the word “careful”, I guess. Meaning if you tilt again after you see that word, you’ll lose your ball).

Anyone have any other things (tips) you want to add to this thread (other than the fact that my top score may be really pitiful compared to yours?:))



Not really a tip per se, but if you’re a fan of realistic computer pinballs, you’ve got to check out Littlewing’s stuff.

Here is a previous thread about it:

Generally, unless I get 3mil with the first ball, I start over. You can hit tilt once and it won’t hurt you. I do that when the ball gets launched from that hole under the launch ramp. Always work on getting an extra ball or replay via hyperspace launch ramp or activated blackholes, even while doing missions. Missions are where the points are. My high score is 14mil.