MSN v. Internet Explorer (software prob)

Hi, I got a new computer today and I’ve been having a problem that neither MSN, nor my ISP could resolve.

The problem is:
On this new computer, when I try to use Internet Explorer, I get a message telling me I have to use MSN. I hate MSN. How can I change this so I can use Internet Explorer again. I have a feeling this is a standard thing on the new Dells so hopefully some Doper can tell me how he remedied the situation.
This is with a cable modem and windows ME (if that matters.)

Who is your ISP?
Can you be more specific about the error message?

I’m running Win98 SE, IE 5.0
My Control Panel has an applet named “Internet Options,” which has a tab titled “Connections.” If you can find the equivalent on WinME, do you have anything listed under “Dial-up Settings”?

I got a Dell a year ago. Didn’t have any problems, but I use MSN. And yeah, MSN yanks, I’m switching over to Telocity DSL :slight_smile:

Cable modem. Never mind.
Good luck.

Why don’t you just download Netscape from & use it?

Or you can try to uninstall IE then visit or windows update & select to download IE but that program is huge, about 85 megs when you use an online install.

Not sure if that would help.

Heck, if I got that message, I’d probably just wipe everything and do a clean install of windows. That would definitely get rid of any little…additions…Dell tried to add. Of course, that’s just me. Might be too extreme a solution for most useres.

Dell uses special software programs for their computers. IM not sure if you could just reinstall windows without using their very own spiffy recovery disk. Ah, but you can try.

I’ve done it several times on quite a few OEM systems. Just be sure you have all the drivers handy and jot down the names of your components from the device manager. Dell, like most computer manufacturers, uses a lot of no-name parts. The drivers should be on a cd that came with the system. And god help you if you lose that cd, because often-times the drivers aren’t anywhere to be found on the 'net…