MSN Weather app--where did it go?

The MSN Weather app was installed on my laptop when I got it, and I loved it. A couple of months ago I started getting notifications that it was not going to be available as of June 3, and in fact the app started cutting back on things (radar went first, I think) that had previously been available. And sure enough, as of Monday, no more app. When I click on the icon (or tile, I guess they call it) on my desktop, I get a message saying it’s not there, it’s moved, and they hope I enjoyed my time with them. Moved eh, where did it go?

So, I go online to try to find a replacement. Every site I checked (let’s say two or three, I didn’t look at all of them, obviously) recommends MSN Weather. Looking at the internet, you’d never guess it wasn’t available.

So, is it available? Is it just me? Why did it disappear from MY computer, and nobody else seems to have said a word about this?

In looking for replacements I should mention that one of the things I loved about it was that I could set a list of other places to see what the weather was. So I had the cities where all my kids lived, cities I had driven through or was planning to drive through, cities where outdoor tennis tournaments were played, cities I wanted to compare with Denver for coldness (Barrow, Alaska). All right there when I went to “Places.”

ETA: I can follow a link to “MSNWeather” and see essentially the same screen I used to see on my laptop. So there is still an MSN Weather. Is it possible to get it back on my desktop?

MSN Weather is still available in the Google Play store for Android. Last updated March 26. 19

Try Meteorologist. (Assuming you’re on a Mac. Don’t know why I’m thinking you’e a MacOS user)