MSNBC Live vote: Do you believe Sasquatch exists?

As of now, 46,188 people have voted and 57% say yes :eek:

I’d like to believe that if they’d included a “not sure” option, most people would have gone that way. But when faced with a yes/no option, the majority apparently choose to believe there is, in fact a bigfoot.

I can’t believe I share a planet with these people.

The article the poll is associated with is interesting, apparently some folks saw a bison, and thought it was Bigfoot. This is another great example of how shitty eye-witnesses accounts are, and why people believe in stuff like sasquatches, Loch Ness monsters, angels, etc.

I was looking for the “are you fucking kidding me?” option.

My uncle actually went to Arizona for a couple of weeks this past spring to search for Bigfoot. I’m not kidding. He lived with Mescalero Apache on a reservation and would go out at night with others to watch/listen.

The funny part is that other Apache find out what they’re doing and have gotten drunk, they go out and hide and make noises and stuff. It used to confuse the hell out of people.

It’s down to 56%.

Probably from all the dopers who have gone there after reading this thread :smiley:

You rang?

I used to believe in it, but a creature that has never managed to get shot or run over or have its corpse found somewhere…naw.

I think this might account for (what I hope is) the disproportionate number of apparent Sasquatch believers.

Just because Ray Wallace admitted to his hoax is no reason for the unwashed masses to stop believing in it. Stupidity needs an outlet.

Sasquatch is something that people need to believe in. Whether his existence is real or mythological matters not. It is our genetic intelligence, an ancient recognition…evolutionary. Remembering shadows from a shared past.
Sasquatch is still a mystery to me and I like it that way. No mystery… sad certainty.

Neanderthal dreams. DK