MSWord Problems

Why does MSWord turn everything to bold and from 12 to 16 font whenever I cut and paste something? Its a real headache. I miss the old days when word processing programs didn’t have all of these “helpful” auto formatting add ons.


Have you checked your formatting defaults? If they’re out of whack, you can change them back and then set the changes as a default.

It might help if you mentioned what version of Word you’re using. Microsoft has an article here which explains some of the pasting options in Word 2002.

A couple of things to check:

It changes everything, no matter how it’s formatted in what you’re copying from? I’ve never seen that and I’ve used Word since it was a DOS program.

What is the definition of your “Normal” style? If it’s bold 16-point then that could be an issue.

For a paste, try going to the menu and use Edit > Paste Special > Unformatted Text. It pastes using whatever formatting is used at the insertion point. This is a workaround but should work.

I’m using MSWord 2002.

Everything that I cut from was originally 12 point Times New Roman and normal ie. not bolded or italicised or underlined.

It seems to happen whenever I take a selection from another Word file and paste into a new Word file.

My boss has the same problem with his computer. I’ll try the paste formatting options and see what happens.

Thanks for the info.