Mug, SPAM, 1 ea.

The SO and I drove down to Whidbey Island today. We stopped in Oak Harbor for a barbecued pork sandwich at a place seemingly frequented by people from the nearby NAS. I went to the counter to pay, and they had a SPAM mug sitting there. I told the waitress I liked it. She said, ‘Well you can take it, then!’ I gave her an extra fin above the tip I’d already left, for a $6 mug. It was worth it for the niceness.

She likes SPAM (SO doesn’t), and the owner of the joint is from Samoa and he eats lots of SPAM. No musubi on the menu, though. (It used to be, and the waitress said you can order it off-menu.)

One of the things that was a big surprise to me when I moved to Hawai’i in 1989 was actually seeing SPAM on a menu. I happen to like it, myself… and I’d love a SPAM coffee mug!

I note that your link says …

I’m no longer living in my native state. :wink:

Still, that’s weird, innit?

Probably because there’s something in the enamel that the Great State of California is afraid will scare puppies.