Multimedia messaging (MMS)

Does anyone know of any computer-to-cellphone or web-to-cellphone free MMS services? SMS services like this have been popular for quite a while (such as the built in support in ICQ).

Here you go :

While trying to test that link I realized that it’s not Web-to-Cell, it’s only Web-to-Web.

From their FAQ:

2. Web to Web
With web MMS, you can construct multimedia messages and send them to your friends’ Email accounts. Stay tuned as you will soon also be able to use to send multimedia messages to your friends’ MMS enabled mobiles!

Sorry, can’t seem to find any such service for Web-to-Cell MMS.

This one you’ve just gotta see! The official :

Here’s a paid service that you can do it with :

And these guys are running a business that does Web-to-Cell:

This one offers a 1 month free trial:

And here’s an Italian page that I can’t understand :