Multiple horns

I think our cars should have an alternative-sounding horn. Most horns are intrusive, loud and as a consequence impolite. Haven’t there been times when you had to use the horn just to point something out (the car in front hasn’t noticed the turning arrow) but not in an angry way. Because it ALWAYS seems rude, and it seems to imply you’re upset no matter how you use it.

What do you think of a second horn that is lighter, shorter and far more polite? Would it help road rage - after all most people react poorly to being honked at regardless of whether they’re at fault or not?

The thoughts I have late on a Friday afternoon…

Hehe, I was thinking of this exact same thing today. We should have a horn that is the equvilent of a light tap on the shoulder and a soft “excuse me” for when then person in front of you didn’t notice the green arrow. Then a horn for “hey man look out, pay attention you idiot”. And a third horn for “F*** you, you stupid ahole, did you get your f*ing licence for a driving go-cart in yo mamas yard???” for when the SUV driver makes you slam your brakes and swerve into the parking lane to avoid him.

Or we could just have the regular horn to say “Excuse me” and a missile launcher to blow them the hell outta your way when they stop abruptly in front of you.

Actually now that I think of it a recent newspaper article called for cars to have little signs that said “Thank You” and other happy messages on them, so drivers could impart happiness on their fellow road users and this combat road rage.

At the time I chuckled reasoning it would be about two hours into it before someone had little signs that said “F*** you!!!” “Back off ^#*&#(” etc…

And how DID your driving test go monster?

Personally, I wanna strap an old air-raid siren to the roof of the car, so when I blast that mo-fo, glass shatters for three blocks. If I can’t be articulate, at least I can be loud.

we have the technology. we can rebuild these horns, make them stronger, faster, able to play “La Cucaracha” at any tempo.

why stop at multiple horns? what with the technology we have today, we could press the steering column and have “Now You’re Messing With a Son of a Bitch” blare out at a driver in crystal-clear stereophonic sound.

best of all, personalized horns. When you honk, your own digitally-reproduced voice shouts out “Hey! Heeyyyy!” at other drivers.

the possibilities are endless…

How about this in our clever age of technology…cars come equipped with sensoring devices (I just wanted to use that term) that allow them to communicate with each other.
Example: Car ahead of you doesn’t see the green light. You send a message on your car computer–it translates this message to the car ahead of you. The person in the car hears this polite message from his/her computer, “Green light alert.”

You can do all kinds of things without making one sound with your car–hence, not waking up the poor people trying to sleep, not scaring all the cars around you, not worrying about it at all.

If you want, you can alert a car before it can cut you off, “Please notice on-coming vehicle.” Then if they still cut you off you can honk until your little hand goes numb.

Whaddya think?

I have an airhorn. You might not think this is a big deal, but I have an air horn in my sports car. :slight_smile:

Since I moved down South, I’ve damn near exhuasted the poor thing with non-signaling, oppsIneedtoturnhere, brake-lights-are-busted, overall shitty drivers around these here parts.

In truth, though, with a light tap, it just gives a little “tweet” as opposed to the klaxon-like burst that errupts from under my hood when some yokel has truly earned it.