Multiple Shootings At Fort Hood

Bad scene…seven dead, 20 wounded, possibly multiple gunmen still on the loose.

Oh. “Bad scene” really doesn’t cover it.

9 dead, 30 wounded per CNN just now. One gunman shot and apprehended, one cornered in a building. The shooters were wearing military uniforms, but it is not certain that they are military personnel.

I just woke up from my nap. Awful news; I hope they can tell us what is happening.

Prayer is called for.

Trying to load CNN live feed,

I just heard on MSNBC that there is still more shooting happening in a soldier’s residence. Jeeeez…

So shooters are still on the loose?

At least one.

Crap. And the Base Commander was working so hard on stress relief for his men. :frowning:

My prayers go out to all involved.

I wonder if this happening on Nov. 5th is significant or just a coincidence.

12 dead, plus one shooter per CNN. Rumors of a third shooter, unconfirmed.

Crazy and sad. My first inclination was that someone just snapped, but there must have been some amount of planning here.

What’s the date? Guy Fawkes Day?

CNN is also reporting that 31 people have been wounded.

ETA: Off the CNN twitter page: 2 other suspects are in custody at Fort Hood. Suspects and gunman were soldiers.

According to the press conference I just saw, 12 dead, 31 wounded. One shooter is dead, and two other suspects are in custody. All shooters are US soldiers.

One lone nut is comprehensible. Three US soldiers acting in concert is pretty weird and disturbing.

One of the soldiers apparently has an Arab name (Malik Hassan). That’s too bad. If these guys are all Muslims, that’s going to cause a lot of paranoid, Islamophobic backlash.

I was searching Twitter for an update and ran across this tweet:

“Woww dude who killed everyone in fort hood is Malik Nadal Hasan. Fuckin muslims. Dirty mothafuckers. Go fuck a boat u fuckin muslims.”

I’m definitely hoping that the news websites don’t open up their comment sections for any related stores.

He was a major…what does that mean? Experience, etc.?

The possibility does exist, however unpleasant it may be, that this was a planned act of terrorism, and that he has a Muslim name is not altogether unimportant. Let’s wait and see.

It’s terrorism, plain and simple. Doesn’t matter which euphemism the media uses, or whether the nutjobs use a handgun or a car bomb – it’s terrorism.

Hardly irrelevant, IMHO. If it can be established that the shooter(s) motive was religious, that would definitely raise the question of whether or not it’s appropriate to enlist Muslims into the armed forces during what’s basically a Holy War against Islam.

This entire post reeks of insanity.