Multiple Startup Profiles in WinXP--How To?

I’m not sure what the correct terminology is for this, but what I mean by a “startup profile” is this: My computer at home is set up such that when I boot, I am given a choice between a “default” profile and a “gaming” profile. The difference is that the “gaming” profile loads no unnecessary programs at startup (i.e. they’re all “unchecked” in MSConfig) and it doesn’t load up several graphic options for the WinXP GUI. There are other changes as well, but those are the two I remember.

I set that up about a year ago, and have since forgotten how to do so. I’ve looked around in Google but can’t find the right search terms to get a page to remind me how to do this.

Could someone here point me in the right direction? I wish to give a similar treatment to my new laptop…