multple resources in Outlook -- without exchange server

I don’t need the full technical details, but is it possible to use a standalone version of Outlook (2002) to coordinate multiple resources for a small business without exchange server.

Essentially, I want to build a scheduling tool for an indoor sports facility so that I could see at a glance on such-and-such a day, the batting cages, the conference room, the infield practice area, and coach bob are all available. Ideally, there’d also be an outlook-like ability to select resources and people and then have the tool give me the possible dates and times.

I’m open to other products, but a full version of Outlook is already installed on the machine I’ll be using. The full standalone version, that is – no exchange server and no budget to get one.

Thanks in advance.

Heh, I was about to say I didn’t know of any way, and advise you to set up a shared Access database (which would incidentally do the job fine if you know how to use it), but then I chanced upon this .

It offers a few options to investigate, but I’m not sure if you have to pay for some/all.

If you get something going, please let us know as it would be interesting to hear about!

Good luck!