It’s always amusing to overhear them. Mostly in quiet semi-private setting like the men’s room. Don’t hang around ladies restrooms much but I assume that’s another natural mumbler habitat.

The one I heard this morning was an angry cuss laden rant at somebody. Very funny.

I wonder how many of them are aware they’re audibly expressing a conversation they’re having in their head?

These days, one can’t be too sure if a person is covering both sides of the same conversation or is using Bluetooth. Unless referring to themselves in the third person.

I used to commute on a bus route that also served a local work-rehab program. One of their guys was very obviously the former.

It annoys me but I’ve taken to mumbling in my line of work. I’m a designer, and when things coincide that I end up doing a design in front of a client, frequently they’ll have no idea what I’m doing. To supercede all the “Hey! That’s NOT the font I want.” or “You know it’s supposed to be in blue?” comments (when I’ve only just started typing in the words and haven’t even gotten to formatting them yet), I start mumbling. “Mmm ok so next we pick a blue, and maybe it’ll look good bigger, you never know until you try, and, I just need to go find that photo…”

I hate it. But it shuts them up from interceding with a lot of bullshit about my process, which I know very well how to do all on my own, thankyouverymuch (WHO’s the professional and WHO has never done this before in their life? Me and them, respectively). So yes, I’m very aware that I’m mumbling out loud. It’s for everyone’s benefit.

Still can’t shut them up from going “Hey! That’s not my file!” when I go to open their file, and the program hangs for a few seconds on an already open design tab as it chugs through opening their tab. Just wait a second, jfc.

When asked a complex question, I will sometimes mumble my thought processes out loud. Often times causing the questioner to say “What?” before I can get to my final answer, breaking my train of thought. So I usually have to explain to them I was mumbling through to get to the answer they requested.