Mundane courtesy

I found a great new garden center near my house. This sounds boring I know but actually it was an epiphany.

In my newly found garden center the sales guy actually is handsome and smiles broadly when you ask him a question and a young and strong albeit pimple-faced boy carries your items to your car. At first I was so shocked and put back I half expected Ron Sterling to step out from behind a flowering shrub and say “Chata doesn’t know it, but she has just embarked on a unique and anomalous shopping trip in the … Nice Twilight Zone.” Man oh man, what a difference from the surly looks of Home Depot workers and those long check-out lines with clerks that hate the very fiber of your existence. And not to mention the struggling to bring your big bags of manure out to the parking lot where you had to park at least 2 miles away. Then of course the bag usually ends up falling out of your coke-stained broken down shopping cart in front of SUV with a driver having the same Home Depot surly outlook on life and hates the very fiber of your being too because you delayed their important day by one minute as you struggle to put the bag back on the rickety cart and make sure your child isn’t run over my another giant impatient SUV bypassing the stalled one. Yes, this is my usual life!

Big difference is the cost. I mean my new place is WAY more expensive. But can I be bought? Can I be so easily seduced to switching stores simply by common courtesy and a nice looking man’s smile?** HELL YEA I can! **

I mean, we are talking courtesy here. Simple and plain. The very little thing that makes this monotonous to evil grind of a world easier to deal with.

“I mean, we are talking courtesy here. Simple and plain.”

No, we’re talking sex appeal “the sales guy actually is handsome and smiles broadly”
You can forgive the pimples when the kid does your heavy lifting, i.e., man’s work = treating you like a lady.

Nothing wrong with that - I’ve done the same with a gas station that had a hot babe on Full Service one summer. But I hate you tell you I also have a favorite girl in the garden department of Home Depot. Always likes to advise me on the annual of the month, and will gladly look up weeds and bugs I bring in with their big garden book. If she’s not there, the problem can wait.


Write a letter and TELL THE MANAGER. Explain why you’re no longer going to shop at Home Despot. S/he can then use your letter to support the decision to hire more people to keep the lines down.

Congrats on finding the garden center.