Mundane Personal Accomplishments

I’ll start:
I recently stopped chewing my nails. Big deal, right? Except I’m a RABID nail biter. Constant, till they bleed. I’ve stopped for two weeks now, and I’m actually starting to actually see real nail growth. Very exciting for me!

Love is like popsicles…you get too much you get too high.

Not enough and you’re gonna die…
Click here for some GOOD news for a change Zettecity

I bought new shoes yesterday and wore them today. Yippee!

I once made it to the finish line of a 16-hour “Law and Order” marathon on A&E a Labor Day or two ago.

“In much wisdom is much grief; and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” - Ecclesiastes 1:18

I am currently unemployed. I just interviewed, and got a great paying job in SF. I turned it down. I am not even thinking about joining the workforce in the near future! :slight_smile:

What can I say? I want to be lazy for awhile!

The most rewarding part was when I got my money!
-Dr. Nick Riviera

I recently learned to deal blackjack. Then I took a nap. No, wait, I took the nap while I was dealing blackjack. Never mind, I want to go back to the dice pit.

The trouble with Sir Launcelot is by the time he comes riding up, you’ve already married King Arthur.

Not a mundane accomplishment for me, but my daughter went poopoo on the potty for the first time today. We praised her mightily. She was very pleased with herself. I think she’ll do it again soon.

“The quickest way to a man’s heart is through his ribcage.” --anonymous redhead

I woke up this afternoon.

I pulled 27 hours straight Saturday and Sunday morning and was worried about waking up after 5 hours for watch this afternoon.

But I woke up on time and am back to work. Can’t wait for Thursday as the Ike pulls in then.

Just say no.

Loverock used smilies, and see where it got him?

I went to empty my trash.

I discovered that the internal walls of my building became yellow today.

I got my sewer line problem fixed in the house.
Good news: it was fixed for $85 and I won’t have to have the whole sewer line dug for about $2K. In winter.
Bad news: I already spent about $400 on the Plumber From Hell.

So now I flush my toilet with abandon and embarked on a orgy of laundry. Too bad the dryer croaked. And then the kitchen disposal whirred and I can’t find the allen wrench to fix it.

I am so sick of stuff. (Or rather I’m sick of stuff that breaks down.?

Cranky and dodging damp sheets strung in the front parlor,

I made an awesome dinner today complete with Chocolate Cheesecake.

We are, each of us angels with only one wing,and we can only fly by embracing one another

I just made coq au vin, and it was actually better than my mom’s.

Kudos to you, Zette!

I know how hard it is to stop. I chewed for a couple of decades, until a few years ago. I then realized that I was completely ignorant about how to clip my nails. You know, the sort of familiarity that comes from years of mundane experience. I’m still not comfortable when I clip my nails, not sure about how long they should be, how they should look feel, etc.

“Fortune plango vulnera stillantibus ocellis quod sua michi munera subtrahit rebellis.”

I have successfully kept track of all expenditures so far this year and now am thoroughly depressed.

I have eaten every peice of chocolate in my house.

Gave the dog a bath.

(This is a biggie, as I am design impaired) Picked out two colors for my daughters room that look great. ( mulberry haze and an ivory for the trim.)

Cristi hints to help with potty training that I’ve learned from the inlaws to try on your son.

When your son wakes up from naps or sleep, stick him on the pot and when he tinkles or poops, say, " Oh you are going tinkle/poo" what ever the buzz word is.
After a few days/weeks of this, I swear to you you will be able to stick in on the pot and say those words and he will at least pee within a minute or so. (In Germany, and probably the rest of Europe, the kids there are not in diapers until 4 because they don’t have the landfill space or the mula for disposable diapers that we do. My mother in law was potty trained at 10 months.) Don’t read to him on the toilet because he will always expect it then.

We have my son “pee” trained for the potty (for 4 months now) except at night, but the poop factor I’m not trying as hard on since I fully expect a regression after the baby comes.

(This training method is also very similar to dog training. All I have to do to my dog is say, " Go pee or Go Poo" and she could be running across the lawn and come to a dead stop and piddle right there.)

Now if only I could incorporate invisible fencing for both dog and child…

I can dunk on a 12 foot rim.

I am currently hapless on rollerblades, but becoming better each time I try.

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Shirley, your training works a little too well. I wish you hadn’t typed out the command phrase…

You owe me a new pair of Levis.

It has been over a month that I have stopped smoking…now if I could stop eating everything in the house I would be happy.

“Do or do not, there is no try” - Yoda

Zette, from one former nail-biter to another: congratulations! It’s hard isn’t it? Now that you’ve got some nails,go buy yourself some fancy polish and see how nice they look. I still have a tendancy to pick at mine a little and if I keep them polished, it cuts down on that.

Fuzzy, congrats on stopping smoking! From all reports, it’s really tough! Good job!

I picked up my new car Friday (hooray!) and inaugaurated (sp) by driving it to the SDMB Michigan meeting on Saturday. Ran like a charm! A '99 Chevy Prizm. Getting the CD player put in it today!

Falc writes down another thing not to say to Max when he visits next time…

My mundane accomplishment? I’ve actually been going to the gym after work every day for 2 weeks! Yay!!! (And of course, I now have a freaking meeting at 4:30, so this fucks up my schedule…grumble)

“You are sweet, kind, and considerate… Like a grown up boy scout with tits!” - Brian, aka SDMB’s one and only Satan.

i make really good eggplant lasagna.

i bought a virtually-dead orchid from homebase, repotted it, brought it back to life. it bloomed for about a month, then went dormant. a couple weeks ago it started furiously putting out new shoots. i’m looking forward to a pot full of orchids in the spring!

this summer in my yard i grew a spider chrysanthemum to 6’ tall, loaded w/ yellow blossoms.

i did some analysis of finances & ‘found’ over $8,000 in an insurance policy i had forgotten about. i’m going to use it to finally pay off my student loan. yahoooo!!

After being lazy for a very long time, I started working out again.

I’m starting slow, just doing sit ups and push ups.

The first time I tried my push ups, I barely made 10.

Now I’m up to 30. Pretty mundane sounding, but a big deal for me.

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.