Mundane Personal Stuff I must Waste Bandwidth With.

Reasons to be cheerful…

New Boss who unlike all previous management has measurable competency and seems to be human.

Bright career future also courtesy of new boss who has profitable changes in mind.

Wage rises for good friends and myself reflective of their and my contribution to the company.

Wage rise is effective June 1st (despite finding out June 15th) so next pay packet will be good.
Wage rise (mine) a result of new boss being impressed with me (particularly my inovative macro writing, never part of the job description)

New macro project immediately after wage rise, known to no-one, which takes my macro writing to a whole new level, and gives me a reason not to be bored at work for a while (A macro that creates macros)

A week off in two days.

A long weekend the weekend after the week off.
Recent quality time with my three favourite people in the world (my nieces) (This outweighs them all)

I like your attitude. I know too many people who could invert everything you said and use it to justify their shitty outlook. I told a friend that if she won the lottery tomorrow the first thing she would do would be bemoan the fact that it didn’t happen earlier. She actually agreed with me. Positive people rock!

Glad you approve deevee. I just wish I could be that positive more often*

[sub]*I will elaborate tomorrow, when I am sober[/sub]

Dude, you’re self-medicating. Cut it out, hit the pharmacy for some brain candy and take some walks.

That said, congrats and stuff for the good work & recognition. Enjoy it. It’s like the bedtime song my mother used to sing to me every night:
“Life is short, life is shit
and soon it will be over.”