My boss is awesome.

That’s not the kind of thing I say often. I’ve only ever had one other boss I would classify as “awesome” because he was a great guy and went to bat for me at my last job when I was applying to move up in the company to a much higher paying position. (I got that position, and was offered the max starting salary due I suspect in large part to said awesome boss’ glowing review of my work)

See, just about a year ago I was let go from a large company because prior management had royally screwed things up with their incompetence (sadly, Awesome Boss #1 was one of them – great guy, hopeless manager) and so they had to silce and dice the expenses, me being one of them. I got a nice severance package though so it wasn’t all bad. What I missed the most was the nice big paycheque – the job itself had become a mountain of suck with new corporate acquisitions and piss-poor logistics surrounding them making my job a nightmare – but the pay was good. Most I ever made. I was tremendously relieved not to be working in that environment though, even if I missed the money. I had resigned myself to probably having to accept a new job at a lower pay scale because frankly, I thought I’d lucked out with what I had.

Fortunately I didn’t have to; a month later, with an interview process that went so smoothly it was eerie, I was working for a new, smaller, friendlier company that really had its act together in a way that impressed me. I was making as much as I did at my old job with a small raise at the end of a 3-month eval period, which I also got, which means I am now making a tad more than I did at my last job. And life is good.

Until last week, on my last paycheque, I noticed there was an extra $30 on it I couldn’t immediately account for. I chalked it up to a temporary dip in the tax rate or somesuch and forgot about it.

Today though we were working through a bit of a problem with an order that amazingly slipped the notice of both the one who entered it and the one who picked it (and it was a pretty obvious error). Myself, my supervisor, and the guy who was both of our bosses. We got it all worked out, and he came by my desk after talking a bit with my supervisor just to mention, in passing, that he had already put in for another raise for me and if it wasn’t reflected on my previous cheque already, it would be on my next.

Just like that. Right in between annual review periods – just a spontaneous, “Hey, you’re doing great” raise. I mean, it isn’t a whole wad of cash or anything, but it’s something – and it’s something I didn’t even ask for and wasn’t expecting.

“Well, thank you!” I said to him.
“You’re welcome – but I should be thanking you.” was his response.

After years of being an anonymous worker drone I have grown accustomed to being used and abused by upper management. I’m not entirely sure I know what to do with management being, like … generous.

Congratulations on both the raise and the workplace environment! That’s a fantastic story.

Are you hiring?

I can’t even believe I read that. It almost sounds like some of the e-mail glurge I get, except you didn’t mention forwarding a e-mail to 97 of your childhood schoolmates.

You lucked out, and so did your company. In my experience, being appreciated for what you do makes you want to do an even better job.

I’m envious. :slight_smile:

Way cool.

I do my department’s budget every spring, which includes my own salary. Two years running now, I’ve put a number in the line, conservatively estimating my increase in the 3.5 - 4% range.

Each of the last two years, he’s literally reached over my shoulder, deleted the cell with the number and put a bigger, better number in it’s place.

I get to run my own show, do my work on my schedule, so long as I keep making him look smart for hiring me, he supports me and doesn’t interfere.

It’s great to find a place to work at where you’re appreciated. I’ve had that experience twice in my life (former job and current…oddly, the former job was at Domino’s, but my boss was AWSOME) and it’s a great feeling.



It is indeed very nice to be recognized for your contributions to the company, especially when you weren’t asking for or expecting it. And it doesn’t make me want to do my utmost to do my job as well as I can. I gave buckets of blood, sweat and tears to my last job, and although there was recognition it was disappointing to be let go by upper management and left with the feeling that they just didn’t have a clue what I did for the company. At least with the company I am with now we only have three branches across Canada, and I work at head office. We’re small enough that we’re all in contact with one another at some point so I guess good work doesn’t escape notice – and I like that far better than having worked for any number of faceless corporations where I’m just a figure on an expense sheet.

Of course being a small company such as we are also means that the opportunities for advancement aren’t huge – we don’t have layers of management or numerous divisions through which I can matriculate, but that’s okay with me. I’ll advance when I do, and I’m not in any particular hurry to get there. At least I know everone that works there, and we’re kind of a family, and I think that counts for a lot more than rising through the ranks of a corporate machine that doesn’t even know your name.

The really great part though is that until my previous job I’d basically been a retail grunt, with brief stints in offset printing and the odd warehouse-type job, but always a bottom-rung employee and always making the usual bottom-rung employee wage in the usual submissive bottom-rung position and dealing with the usual array of corporate politics and other such BS. Being where I am now, utterly away from all that, has made me feel quite liberated. Kind of like I’ve “arrived” – even if I’m only just getting in the front door. :slight_smile:

I am so going to c&p your OP and email to 97 of my closest and dearest classmates from my long gone school days, shirt tail relatives and perphial friends.

It is just to nice to beleive and you, my friend, have just become an UL.


Can I borrow $20?


Wicked! Does that mean I get my own Snopes page?

As long as you don’t E-Mail the OP to that weird uncle – the one who likes to fire martini olives out of his nose. He frightens me.