Mundane Summer Stuff

Just bought a pool. A nifty inflatable jobby-do for the kids. It’s a good-sized one, too, 90"x90". Got a slide, a palm tree with a hook-up for the hose to spray water, and a little basketball hoop to toss little balls through. My six-year-old stepson & my three-year-old daughter are going berserkers out there now. I’ll be lucky if I can get them to come inside & get dressed so we can go watch fireworks.

Also, we do have a new cat. I posted about the death of my previous cat, Sovtek, on Father’s Day. We got our new kitten, Telecatster, a few days later. He’s all black, and cute as a button. We decided to become a two-cat family, though, so we’ll be getting another kitten in a day or two, and he will be called Stratocatster.

Ahhhh, summer!

We had our first BBQ of the summer today. It wasn’t too bad, if you ignored the rain. We had summery weather last month, but we’re going to have rainy fireworks tonight. I hope it doesn’t rain on my birthday!

Got boyo registered in his summer camp today, he starts tomorrow. He was so excited he had his knapsack packed early this afternoon.

Have to take my car in yet again tomorrow. The struts and rear springs are gone. I think I need a sugar daddy :wink:

All in all, my first day of summer vacation was a good one!!

I LOVE it. If you get a male, would you consider Ludwig? Or, if he’s Turkish, perhaps Zildjian?