Mundane Toddler Tales

No, not the one where one of my girls came up to me in the yard all smiling with deer pellets in each hand and…little…flecks…in…her…mouth.
This one is better!

One of my two year olds stood up in her crib this morning after a full night of careful consideration and calmly asked for the first time:

We were watching The Aviator a couple weeks ago and the other one, upon seeing Faith Domergue walk across the screen in her fabulous footwear loudly exclaimed in her chipmunk voice:
Nice Shoes!!!
They slay me.

Holy crap, they are so cute. Little imps. They look kind of like I did as a baby…I’m the little one standing, with the balloon in my hand.

What a couple cuties. I was never nearly so cute, for the record.

Wow, you do look similar.

A funny thing is that little curl hanging down Sarah’s forehead isn’t an accident. She’ll pull on it until it’s just right.

Aww how cute!

Are they twins? I love the curls. I always wanted babies with curls like that. Unfortunately neither my hubby or I have curly hair.

I’m waiting for the why phase to start. The munchkin girl is 4 and still doesn’t care for the philosophical. The boy child is not yet two but I bet he starts with the why-ing by his birthday.

The first time you showed them I did a double-take. I thought you’d stolen one one of my baby pics. :smiley:

Uh-oh - watch your credit card with that one. I know the symptoms - I’m like that myself!

But seriously - a pair of beauties.


They’re fraternal twins (there should be a common term for female fraternal twins).

Their hair is great, but my wife has to do a hair-care routine every single day or it gets way out of control in no time.

The one with the curl’s the deer doo-doo eating one, BTW. Imp indeed.

We’ll sweat over a hot stove cooking up a sumptuous meal that she’ll take two bites of then push away. But hey, this shit sure looks good!

I go through that all the time!

They sneak away from my lovely dinners to steal cat food or eat rocks and sticks. I understand the boy child - we’re working on clearing up his iron deficiency - but the girl child should know better by now!

I just keep telling myself it is a phase and to take pictures to torment them with in their teen years. Oh lookie - here’s the deer dung eating phase isn’t this grin precious? And this is his dress wearing fetish phase. He likes to be a girl. Should do well to keep him in line lest the other guys on the football team see the pictures :wink:

Oh dear Og, yes. And I used to cry, and hated my stupid curly hair.

And now…I wouldn’t trade it for anything!