Muppets and recasting.

Okay, so I’m behind the times. Today I discovered that 2 years ago, some guy created “Muppet Christ, Superstar” using music from karaoke CDs and his own voice, he redid 10 songs from the opera as if performed by them with only minor changes to the lyrics. It was touching to hear Piggy Magdalene sing:

He’s a frog, he’s just a frog,
And I’ve had so many frogs before
In very different ways
He’s just one more.

And it got me thinking…

How would you recast Casablanca with Muppets?

Of course, Kermit would be Rick, Piggy would be Ilsa, and Rowlf would be Sam, but who would you choose for the other parts? I think Gonzo could be Ugarte, but what about the others?

Beauregard as Victor Laszlo would be entertaining.

Fozzie Bear as Capt. Renault.

Sweetums as Signor Ferrari.

Rizzo the Rat as Major Strasser.

Statler and Waldorf as generic gamblers.

Bunsen Honeydew was [del]born[/del] made to play Sydney Greenstreet.

Which gives us Beaker as his bug-eyed Peter Lorre.

You can hear them here:

CIDU, btw?

Link Hogthrob as Victor Lazlo.

Sam Eagle as Captain Renault. “I am shocked–shocked!–to find gambling going on here!”

Uncle Deadly as Major Stasser.

Big Mean Carl as Ferrara.

Floyd Pepper and Janice as Sasha and Yvonne.

Wayne and Wanda as Jan and Annina Brandel.

From 1981, The Muppets’ (very brief) tribute to Casablanca.