Murder Charges against 9-Month-Old Dropped

That’s right. A nine-month-old baby was charged with attempted murder amid accusations he tried to kill police officers. In Pakistan. The specific charges seem to have been “planning a murder, threatening police and interfering in state affairs.”

I dunno. Spare the rod and spoil the child, ya know. I can only hope this isn’t a case of mollycoddling some delinquent!

Man, that kid is gonna grow up feeling totally entitled to do whatever he wants now… what are they teaching him by not making him face the consequences for his (vile, contemptible) actions? :dubious:

Wait until he hits the “terrible twos”.

If we look into our hearts, how many of us can say we are innocent ? At any age ? The Pakistani legal system could not refuse to proceed on a mere technicality of size.

Make no mistake, it’s all part of that baby’s master plan…

I hope he’s getting rehabilitation, rather than simply dropping the charges. What’s to prevent him from becoming a repeat offender? They should at least fit him for an ankle bracelet, in case he tries to crawl away.

His name isn’t “Stewie,” is it?

I support dropping the charges, if only because when you charge one baby with murder, you have to start charging every single baby murderer out there. And then we’d have no babies left, because they’re all psychopaths.

This is outrageous. How can adults in Pakistan sleep at night, knowing that baby murderers are allowed to go free?

Won’t somebody think of the grown-ups?

True enough - they act on pure instinct and care nothing for anyone else or societies norms. In fact, the only reason most of us are alive is that babies are too small and ineffective to kill us all. :slight_smile:

I see I let emotional hysteria get the best of me. The thread title should have indicated attempted murder charges, not murder. At least … not yet. They might should hang him anyway just to be sure, an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure, and all that.

MY feeds been burning for weeks on this story. My own feeling is that the police were setup and stupidly fell for it. The media was there in force. For a simple summons?

I think it’s time for a little necktie party. When the justice system fails…

It would have to be little.

You gotta envy the importance Pakistani society places on job-oriented training for their citizens, from such a tender age.

I donna. He’s probably guilty. Media reports that he acts antisocial and is emotionally unstable, with no thoughts about anything but himself.

Oh, wait, that’s my toddler I’m talking about. Maybe I’ll report him as well.