Murder in outer space

The thread about shooting a gun in space got me thinking:
Are there any criminal laws which cover outer space? Who/what would be the arresting authority?
what if an American astronaut kills a Russian astronaut while docked on a Chinese sattalite?

Many US astronauts are military officers. As such, they are bound by the Uniform Code of Military Justice at all times. They could be court-martialled for their crimes.

Somebody will correct me if I’m wrong, but I suspect it’s going to be an extension of extraterritoriality. An American airplane remains American territory even when it’s flying over Canada, etc. As such, it’d be the Chinese who’d have jurisdiction, barring any prior agreements between the parties.

Wait a minute…

Wasn’t there a multi-national treaty concerning use of and laws for space and extraterrestial exploration?

IIRC, way back in the 60’s?

I’m web searching as we speak, so maybe I’ll answer my own Q.

2trew is right, whatever nationality that owns the space-station, or ship has juristiction(sp) and the right to prosecute for murder or any other crime committed. If something happens to an astronaut during a space-walk, however, it could incure a nasty bit of litigation as all kinds of things can come into play. The space-suits could be considered soveriegn territory of the country who owns them. And/or, who’s air-space the crime was commited over, etc. The american military astronauts are subject to the rules of conduct like 1kbrkid said, chinese military are subject to chinese military court-martial, etc. And civilians can be charged under civilian criminal codes, if thier respective countries care to levy the charges.

And in space, no-one can hear you scream.

Article VIII of this treaty seems to spell it out fairly well. 2trew is right.

UN Resolution XVIII 1962 was what I remebered. This treaty makes it more clear.

[nitpick] YOU could probably be legally shot for spelling ‘satellite’ that way! [/nitpick]