Murder In Small Town X

Could anyone sum up last weeks show?

Does anyone think it’s acctually REAL? Aside from the dead people and such (Is it a legit game show? or is it rigged)


The original victims’ neighbour (Leida Rose-Blodgett, or something like that) was apparently “killed”. As with the previous “killings”, no body was found. A scrap of the the real estate developer’s jacket was found at the scene, as was a bloody 15-puzzle with the reporter’s initials.

Last week’s clue turned out to be an 8mm film supposedly shot in the seventies, showing a man who was horribly disfigured in a massive fire which levelled Sunrise, but which was called the “miracle fire” since no one died. Later investigation revealed the man on the film hanged himself shortly after shooting the footage.

Most of the episode’s investigation took place a strip club across the bay, of all places. The real estate developer owns it (and apparently hated Leida Rose-Blodgett for slights against his mother), and the vaguely obsessive friend of the youngest victim (Mary?) works there.

The bar owner was eliminated as a suspect. Kristen was once again voted to go clue-hunting, while the bar owner from New York (don’t remember her name) actually volunteered to be the other sap, apparently to get away from Kristen one way or the other. Naturally, Kristen “survived”. This week’s clue was the name “Duchamps”, circled in blood on some kind of memorial. Oh, and Kristen evidently doesn’t speak French; they have her on film pronouncing the name as “dutch-amps”. Ugh.

I have no idea if the show is rigged or not. The only clue that I can see is that none of the contestants have ever been filmed saying “um” or “uh”, but that may be just really good editing.

(And as a side note, that episode blew. The strip-club was incredibly unnecessary.)

I missed Mary at the strip club?! :\