Murder In Small Town X?

Now, maybe I am misinterpreting the commercial for this new “Reality TV” show:
“There is a serial killer on the loose. You must find and catch him before he catches you.”
The commercial proceeds to imply that the 10 people in the show, are sent to a small town in New England, and are actually in real physical danger of being murdered!
Okay, so I was fine with putting a bunch of people on an island and making them work for food. Even in the middle of the Aussie Outback. Big Brother, no prob there. If a houseful of people want to live in a world of vouyerism, that’s their business. I seriously hope that I have just misunderstood the commercial, and that this is all a big prank, nobody gets hurt and the producers at Fox aren’t actually going to pretend to murder people to improve ratings. Anybody else have some more info on this show?

My impression is that they have to solve the mystery and “get the killer” without being “killed”–taken out of the game–themselves. Sounds like it could be kind of fun, but I probably won’t watch it anyway.