Muscular Women

Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2 as Sarah Conner was one of the few near universal masturbation fantasies in my age group. Literally you could ask ever yank it to Sarah Conner in T2 and everyone would be nodding their heads.

So yes I think muscular babes can be attractive, watch T2.

Straight male. I find muscular / toned / athletic women, on the whole, very attractive (for example, I’m very turned on by Lolo Jones and Hope Solo).

That said, I generally don’t find female bodybuilders to be attractive – for me, they go past “fit and athletic” to “extreme body shape”, and I don’t care for it. The picture in the OP is certainly not as extreme it could be – the picture looks to have been taken during a workout, but, if she’s a bodybuilder, she’s not in “show condition” (oiled, pumped muscles, etc.). She’s just a little bit too much on the “really big muscles” end of the spectrum for me. Not “squicked”, but not really turned on, either.

Did you look at the picture linked in the OP? Sarah Conner in T2 was well-toned, but she was nothing like the picture in the OP.

Agreed, although Lolo’s six pack brings her down a notch. But a vein sticking out of your shoulder that’s thicker than my pinky? I’m repulsed. No offense and ymmv.

My range of women I find sexually attractive is pretty narrow. Female bodybuilders are not inside that range. I wouldn’t say “repulsive,” though. Just, not attractive to me.

Linda Hamilton is attractive; the woman in the linked photo is not.

Let’s play it this way:

Here’s a shot of a more highly muscled Jessica Biel in Blade: Trinity.

Here’s one with her less ripped. She is an attractive woman in either case but which version is more attractive?

Woah, I call dibs on the second Jessica Biel!

The first one. She is completely unremarkable in the second photo.

I know, I was offering a counterpoint that muscular women can be attractive if the proportions are right.

Interestingly I don’t think I’ve ever got a yes when I’ve asked straight women if they find real extreme male body builers attractive, they are usually repulsed as well.

The Blade image is much more dynamic, and it’s only from the waist up, but the second image is more classically “feminine”. I’d go for the second, but the Blade version isn’t as hyper-masculine as the image in the OP.

I’ll take the second as well… however sloppy! :smiley:

Totally repulsive. Women should look like women, not Hercules.

The OP’s photo was too manly for me. But a lot of the Olympic athletes (like the track and field types) look good.

I find lots of women very attractive, including muscular ones. The one in the OP is only let down by that bulging vein in her left arm. Someone like Jessica Biel in Blade Trinity? Very hot.

I don’t find the stereotypical bodybuilder attractive.

She’s hot.
I love muscular women.

She’s attractive. She’d look better if they had not taken the photo right after or in the middle of her workout.

Like a lot of other guys, I find the woman in the OP to be slightly too much, but in general I like women who are in good shape. Some of the CrossFit Games women can get a bit burly, but take a look at some of the top competitors like Julie Foucher, and tell me you wouldn’t, as one of the guys on this board said, “hit that like the fist of an angry god.”

I find a muscular lower body, as in a dancer or gymnast, very sexy. Upper body, like in your picture, no, although big natural boobs can compensate for a great deal. Veiny, shredded bodybuilders, definitely no.

Repulsive is kind of a harsh word, but yeh, going beyond heathy exercise and toning, and getting into building masculine muscle mass… Just not my thing.

I had to vote “repulsive” but it could be a misleading poll. The most attractive physique for me is an athletic one with some visible muscle, particularly legs and butt. But no, not hulk style.