Are you attracted to competitive bodybuilders?

Private poll. Give me a minute to get the choices posted.

Based on some of the opinions expressed in this thread, I was interested in how many people are attracted to bodybuilders (both male and female).

This poll is specifically focused on your level of physical attraction to competitive bodybuilders, not just muscular or super-fit people. To keep things simple, please answer the question about whichever sex you are most attracted to.

Yes, I know… “but if he has a great personality,” “depends on his sense of humor,” etc etc… That’s all fine and expected, but I’d really like you to think about judging the book by the cover in this case.

Not only no, but hell no. Bodybuilders of both sexes repel me.

Anyone who does a competitive sport, including bodybuilding, is going to be very absorbed in practice, competition, etc. We just wouldn’t be compatible, as I am a medal-winning couch potato.

Also, I like my men chubby. (In the other thread, the picture of the three guys, I thought the one in the middle was the cutest.)

Fit, and with a bit of muscle, is great. But a little goes a long way. The whole tanned, oiled, veiny bodybuilding thing is just such an exaggeration it almost becomes a caricature.

I remember hearing somewhere about a bodybuilder whose shoulder and neck muscles were so large that he couldn’t touch his hands over his head. It seems to me that exercise should be about health, and the ability to live well and do things. When you work out to the point that it limits what you can do, what’s the point?

Somebody should send a memo to bodybuilders telling them the Eighties are over.
For guys (and gals?) that pretend it’s all about aesthetics, they seem to have a total lack of taste.
Besides, it’s like narcissism as a sport.

Middle of the road trans-oped bodybuilders scare me too.

Competitive body builders have bodies which are really disgusting to me. I appreciate it takes a lot of work… then again anorexia is a lot of work too. “A lot of work” =/= “attractive result.”

Gross. Lean muscle is key, the bulky gym rat look is so very un-key. Hell, I’d rather deal with a man in halfway decent shape, though with a bit of a beer belly, than the beefed-up, muscles-on-muscles, veins popping out, oven-baked look of body builders. They look like assholes.

I know this is an anonymous poll, but if the male who voted yes wants to come forward and say who he is, he’ll be my new best friend. I don’t want to quote word-for-word what I said in that other thread about bodybuilding (those interested can view my thoughts here), so in a nutshell, I have a good bit of respect for bodybuilding, and I definitely find it sexy.

I would love it if he posted as well, mostly in the hopes he’ll say whether or not he’s talking about male or female bodybuilders.

Turned off by the bodybuilder look. Male bodybuilders look like Dragonball Z characters.

I agree.

I am turned off by competitive female bodybuilders at the pro level, because they are thick, steroid-laden beasts.

I am turned on by the gals that compete in** fitness** competitions, etc. I also married one.

I think distinctions should be made between natural and steroid-enhanced bodybuilders. Natural bodybuilders are epitomes of what the human body can look like. On this note, I feel natural female bodybuilders, or as another poster put it, non-professional bodybuilders, can be attractive but never a steroid-enhanced one. Eww.

Visible veins are icky. I have very fair skin, and hate that some of mine are visible on my arms and fingers. I sure as hell don’t want to look at anyone else’s veins, especially when they are popped out like on so many body builders.

So are cadavers.

So are sumo wrestlers. Can doesn’t mean should.

I don’t agree with that. I don’t think someone who has built up his muscles by spending endless hours lifting a weight is the epitome of what a human can look like - I think someone who has a body that functions well for the things they do every day is a better-looking specimen. A bodybuilder is an artificial creation of a misguided aesthetic perception (in my opinion, of course).

I’m female and voted neutral. I don’t *hate *the look usually (unless it’s way over the top) but nor do I find it particularly attractive either. I’m more put off by the idea of it. As others have implied it strikes me as borderline narcisstic. Give me a soccer player of baseball player any day!

I voted yes.
I love muscle - I love how it looks, especially on women.

Cat Whisperer, could you expand on that last sentence, please? I don’t necessarily disagree with you, but I’m having trouble parsing exactly what you mean, particularly the misguided aesthetic perception part.

Hi there, new best friend!