Question for women. If you see a muscular guy do you find that attractive? What parts

Someone on another board asked this and alot of the women said ‘yes’ they noticed and they listed what parts they noticed in order. It tended to go something like chest, shoulders/traps, biceps, in that order.

However this was a fitness board, filled with insecure, narcissistic people who use performance enhancing drugs. What about women who aren’t into that lifestyle, do you notice or care if a man is muscular? Does it matter if he is or isn’t rail thin while muscular? What parts do you notice or find attractive?

I have heard from reading about the biology of attraction that a V shaped torso is to women what an hourglass torso is to men, the common sign of health and fertility. If so that explains why shoulders was no. 1 with women on that other site and chest came in 2nd.

That should say

  1. Shoulders/traps
  2. Chest
  3. Biceps.

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To answer your question, I’ve always been much more attracted to lean, lanky men than to really muscular ones. Most of the men I find the most appealing think of themselves as “too skinny.” I do like the general V-shape and some definite muscles in the upper arms, but not a whole lot of rippling musculature (my father once told me never to date a man whose neck was as wide as his head, so perhaps that’s the root of my preference).

Personally, I tend to be most attracted to the swimmer’s/martial artist’s type of body…nicely muscled, but not overly so. Just some nice “boy muscles”…in other words, bigger than mine :wink:

To be honest though, I am at an age (39) where I don’t think “Wow, he’s hot!” as often as I think “Wow, he’s…young!”. I value a man’s character and intelligence waaaaayyyy more than I ever could value his looks. But that’s judt my two cents.

Never found muscles attractive. I notice them only if a guy is REALLY big, and then I think “ew. His balls must be the size of raisins.”

If I had to pick, I’d say a muscular chest can be cool. I think I associate it with protection, seeing myself “hiding” in a guy’s chest, I mean.

I appreciate what it takes to get buff, but I like my men squishy and teddy bear like. Think Oliver Platt or Vincent D’Onofrio (or both at the same time … pant).

I do! I don’t really like those Mr. Universe types but I notice muscular guys in spite of myself. For some reason I tend to notice the upper arms first . . . Probably because guys wear short-sleeved shirts more than they go shirtless. But anyway, arms with a good bit of muscle and strong-looking hands are yummy. If I DID see a muscular shirtless guy stride by, however, the things I notice would probably follow the order that you mentioned. I guess I’ll just have to do some testing. :wink:

I’m with Where the Buses Don’t Run, and will add that, with muscular men, I check out the ass a little quicker than with ‘regular’ men. No idea why. They’re not always better or anything.

I notice muscular guys definitely. But I’m not attracted to overly built guys (although I admire body building as an aesthetic ideal); my ideal body type is the male rower physique (big surprise there). Thse guys have muscle aren’t overly cut. I have a fairly low tolerance for chub but if he’s slightly chubby over muscle, I don’t mind as much. I also like really, really skinny guys with no-ass but they usually have stringy muscle and aren’t just flab.

As far as body parts go, I always notice the hip bones first (if his shirt is off). After that I’d say quads and calves. A lot of guys work out just their chests and totally ignore their legs. And it’s nice if his arms are bigger than mine.

But a lot of attraction for me is based on the guy. I say I’m not attracted to chub but if the guy was witty and flirty, I’d easily overlook a few extra pounds.

Ditto what Cherry2000 said.

I do like to see muscular armpits though, on both men and women.

A couple of things I find unattractive about muscular guys:

When their chest muscles are so hard that their nipples are pointy.

And when the veins in their arms are puffy.

I like a little bit of muscles, but not too much. I don’t find body builders the least bit attractive. Honestly, it depends on the guy. Most of the guys I’ve dated have been extremely scrawny, but I’ve had a couple with some muscels :wink:

I find myself doing this, too, and have since decided that my aesthetic priorities must be:

  1. Medium-to-dark hair or overall colouring (grey is okay if he once was dark)
  2. Reasonably but not overly muscular torso
  3. A nicely rounded tush
  4. An open and friendly face

These are in the order that I find myself noticing them about a man whose looks I react to. I must however say that the men I find truly attractive are those I know well, and respect mightily. Anything else is just lust.

I like strong. “Muscular” in a body builder way isn’t even on the list. I like men where their tummy doesn’t stick out, but if that’s only because there’s a barrel chest up top, that’s awesome. He has to be able to lift and tow and move stuff. Or look like he should be able to. I like guys who look like they used to play a sport really seriously, and then took up something physical, like construction. So they’ve got a swimmer’s back, but the brute strength of a drywaller and mature physique (read: fat) of a grown man.

I prefer men who have big chests, shoulders and arms. But I prefer that they not be body builder perfect. I like “bears”. Men that are big, strong and tall, but who are just a bit chubby (this always instantly translates in my girly mind as “cuddly, warm, protective, and sexy”).

In my dating experiences, such men have the most compatible personalities and sexual attraction to me. They are, and again IME, sweeter, more cuddly and more fun.

Men who have the “perfect” body bulder shape aren’t necessarily out of the running. But I do hesitate because my first impression is, as you describe, “narcissictic or obsessed gym rat”, or “dumb jock”. And of course many are just average people who happen to have THAT as their core interest in life.

But it takes a LOT of work to keep up that kind of body. I’ve known several men, and a few women who do it It’s an interesting sport, but it takes a lot out of them, regarding time, money, energy and themselves.

And if that’s their love in life, that’s great. One couple who used to work out at the same gym I did, were both heavily into body building, it was obviously something that they enjoyed doing together, and they worked out for a quite a few hours at a time. But I prefer someone who’s healthy “enough” and is interested and has time for other areas of life.

I would just like to step in and voice an objection to the use of “fitness” and “performance-enhancing drugs” in the same sentence. That is all.

Ditto that! Yuuummm.

I generally don’t like “skinny” guys. It’s more my hang up though as I feel insecure and fat(ter?) around them. However, I don’t like really muscular guys either - like the power lifters and shit? Not attractive.

Shoulders are nice, smoothly rounded (in a muscular, not fat, sense) pectorals are a huge turn on for me. I’m in the swimmer, gymnast, lean and lanky camp. Definitely prefer the V shape to the barrel shape.

But the HOTTEST part of a guy is…um…the inguinal ligament-ish area. That spot where the hip curve comes in at the side before the femoral head, and you can follow the little convex curve of the ligament, drawing the eye down past the ripples of the boxers’ elastic waistband … Whew!

Is it suddenly hot in here? :cool:

(I actually find this spot way more arousing than what you actually do find under the boxers!) :smiley:

I prefer to look at muscular guys. I prefer buff but not super bodybuilder types (those are just gross). They don’t have to be especially broad-shouldered, but the best-looking ones are typically. Most celebrities fit the look I find most attractive. And my husband. My god, that man is the hottest person on the planet. (Of course, I married him for other reasons, but I sure do find myself staring at him a lot).

I have a distinct tendency to like skinny, wiry guys. Overly muscular men almost always turn me off. But what I love is a lanky guy with a good set of shoulders. I don’t know what it is. I just love shoulders.

Or, as BF has said to me:

“Honey, you wouldn’t want one of those ripped, muscular guys. I have no sharp edges for you to hurt yourself on. Don’t you feel safer with a guy who is slightly padded for your protection?” :smiley:

My daughter’s father was that perfect V shape: broad shoulders and snake hips. I don’t think that was what attracted me to him, but it’s one of the only things that sticks in my mind all these years later. But that’s possibly because it enabled me NOT to bequeath her my narrow, sloping shoulders.

A good pair of biceps is certainly something I notice, but I’m not all that interested in over all muscle tone: if a man spends a lot of time working out, he might not that I, um, don’t. In fact, I think I quite prefer a slight paunch on a man now (to match mine).