Question for women. If you see a muscular guy do you find that attractive? What parts

I am attracted to men who are comfortable with their bodies and move well. It doesn’t really matter what type they are (as long as they are taller/bigger than I am, which isn’t THAT hard, considering I’m not that tall or big). My boyfriend has awesome calves and thighs (he runs), decent arm muscle, though he isn’t cut, and a pot belly. He has very broad shoulders, but that doesn’t affect me one way or the other. I like his legs and that he is comfortable with his body. I also like it that I feel safe and protected when he hugs me :wink: My other long-term relationship was with a guy who wasn’t much taller or bigger than I was and I never felt the same way about being safe and protected. I like the teddy bear feeling, I guess.

I like looking at very muscular or cut men, both more wiry (soccer/swimmer) and bigger, but it’s more a matter of aesthetics. Like, wow, the human body is put together in a really interesting way kind of way. Not a wow, he has muscles, I want to jump his bones kind of way. I feel the same way about looking at women. It’s more an interest in aesthetics and how the body works than anything else. I do NOT like looking at women body builders, though. Those women scare me.

I don’t find muscular men attractive. If they’re too built, it’s kinda icky to me. The Usher (was it Usher? I’m not up on such things) video Untitled where he’s supposedly nekkid and thus flaunting that overly chiseled body gives me the creeps. Perhaps it’s a psychological thing–maybe subconsiously I assume any man who pays that kind of attention to his body has already found the love of his life in himself. But on the conscious level, I just find it a bit too Gray’s Anatomy to be able to see such defined muscles. Ugh, especially that funky one that connects the legs to the abs–it makes them look like Ken dolls. YUCK!

I do like a little sculpting, though. I love a broad chest and nicely shaped arms. Yum!